Ys X -NORDICS-: all the latest details, videos, and pictures (Archives)

Ys X -NORDICS- is the latest entry in the long-running Ys series, and it’s releasing on Nintendo Switch on September 28th in Japan. And in the months leading to the release of the game, Nihon Falcom are planning to share various details, videos, and pictures for the game.

In this post, you will find all the updates from May 16th to August 31st. For the most recent updates, make sure to check out this post instead!

August 31st

Here’s some more details and screenshots for Mana Actions:

Release strings of mana to move objects and unlock dungeon switches! Glide across the ground on your Grimble Board, or unleash bursts of mana for devastating attacks! Experience the all-new Mana Actions in Ys X: Nordics!

August 30th

Here’s some more details about the Cross Action system:

Choose to fight in the speedy solo mode in which you are supported by a partner who attacks automatically; or choose the dual mode in which 2 players simultaneously control a series of actions!

August 28th

Clouded Leopard Entertainment has shared a couple of web commercials for Ys X -NORDICS-:

August 25th

Clouded Leopard Entertainment has shared a second video for Ys X -NORDICS-, showcasing some of the gameplay systems:

The Druid Monocle is a Mana Sense that allows you to see invisible things. Thanks to it, you can pass through doors that are normally impassible, and walk on scaffolding that would normally fall.

August 24th

Thanks to the Nintendo eShop page, we now have the very first screenshots of the Nintendo Switch version of Ys X -NORDICS-:

In battle, you can spend Skill Points in order to activate various attack skills. In Solo Mode, both Adol and Karja have their own skills. And in Combination Mode, you can use Skills that make use of both characters!

Here’s the latest set of screenshots for the game (courtesy of 4Gamer):

August 17th

Here’s a trailer and two commercials for Ys X -NORDICS-:

August 16th

Rosalind Lazveli (affectionaltely nicknamed Rosa) is the poster girl of the Lazveli Inn. She’s the same age as Adol. She meets him while travelling and, worried about him, calls out to him.

August 11th

Clouded Leopard Entertainment has shared the first Introduction Video for Ys X -NORDICS-, introducing two of the game’s features: Cross Action and Mana Action!

August 8th

Here’s some details about Feria (voiced by Risa Shimizu) and another screenshot of Karja:

“The princess’s big day—I wouldn’t miss it for the world!”

Feria is a resourceful fighter who leads the Balta Navy’s Third Fleet and is known as one of its “twin pillars”,alongside Gunnar, the chief warrior.
She is the right-hand man of Grimmson, the leader of the Balta Navy, and she also looks out for his only daughter, Karja.
She was not originally a Norman, but for various personal reasons, she decided to join the Balta Navy.

July 31st

Here’s some details about Runestones:

Huge stone monuments left behind by the ancestors of the maritime people, the Normans, depicting their achievements and major events. Runestones are scattered throughout Obelia Bay, and the stories they contain can be read by Adol and Karja using their Mana power. Discover more about Karja and the Balta Navy’s origins by taking a glimpse into Obelia Bay’s past, as told by the Normans who sought new lands, then plundered and invaded them.

July 28th

Here’s some details about another character, Momina Yvelise (voiced by Riko Kohara), along with another picture of Adol:

“Leif… Don’t be reckless, okay?”

A strong woman who runs a street stall in the town of Karnack.
She has a kind personality and a good reputation among her neighbors, but she is also rather pessimistic, at times causing concern to the people around her.
She is always worried about her son, Leif, who keeps his distance from his family and does not come near his parents’ house. 

July 27th

Nihon Falcom has shared some details about Tuna Fishing:

During your voyage aboard the Sandras, fishing spots may randomly appear at various locations in Obelia Bay.
By approaching these spots, you can try your hand at deep-sea tuna fishing onboard the ship, in addition to regular fishing from land.

And that’s not all: there’s a lot more details for you to check out on the Clouded Leopard Entertainment blog!

Here’s the latest set of pictures for the game (courtesy of 4Gamer):

July 25th

Nihon Falcom (and Clouded Leopard Entertainment) have shared some details about Hugill and his messages:

During the Sandras’s voyage, Hugill the raven sometimes delivers messages to Adol and his friends. The content of the messages varies, including one from the Balta Navy to Adol & Karja, and others from people in various parts of Obelia Bay asking for help. Depending on the message, it may be delivered at various locations in Obelia Bay during the adventure in the form of a quest that includes a sub-story.

July 20th

Nihon Falcom (and Clouded Leopard Entertainment) have shared some details about more characters:

  • Grimmson Balta (voiced by Kazuhiro Yamaji. Age: 40)

“We Normans are always walking alongside death… That’s what life is all about, no?”

Father of Karja and leader of the Balta Navy. Grimmson is considered to be on par with the infamous One-Eyed Ladoc, in the Medo Sea. He has both the charisma to unite a band of ruffians and the political savvy to resist the Romun Empire. He can channel his rage into strength, making him an excellent fighter. He is also the most powerful Mana user with excellent combat skills.

  • Gunnar (voiced by Shuhei Sakaguchi. Age: 29)

“I think it’s time you turned your attention to the lives of your constituents, Princess.”

Gunnar serves as the chief warrior of the Balta Navy under Grimmson’s leadership. He is a skilled warrior and leads the Balta Navy’s second fleet with calm and precise judgment. A man of reason and order, Karja is a bit of a challenge for Gunnar, but like Feria, he monitors her growth as a fellow Norman.

  • Flair Rall (voiced by Keiichi Sonobe. Age: 47)

“Being alive in this world is nothing short of a miracle to me.”

A doctor from Lance whom Adol met during his adventures in the ancient kingdom of Ys. Despite appearances, Dr. Rall is a man of action who willing to venture outside his village to offer medical treatment, regardless of the risks. He accompanies Adol on his journey in search of the original Celceta Flower seed, which is said to cure terminal illnesses, and helps Karnack’s clinic on his travels.

July 5th

Combined Power and Offense/Defense in Combination Mode. In this mode, you can control the two playable characters at the same time. Fill up the Revenge Gauge and unleash powerful attacks!

July 4th

Here’s some more details about the setting of the game with a quote from the protagonist, Adol Christin:

“At the moment of birth, we are all as free as a bird.
There are no restrains at all.
But as we age, we are bound by various forces.
Like a bird with its wings torn off, we are gradually deprived of our freedom.
And we long for a return to the days when we were free.
But the truth is, we could always go back to those days.”

Adol Christin

June 29th

A brand new adventure in the Obelia Bay, in the northern seas, with Adol Christin (a young adventurer who has gone through quite the adventure in the ancient kingdom of Ys) as the protagonist. Just who are the sea folks that Adol meets there? And what about those immortal creatures that attack the population?

June 28th

The port town of Karnack is located on the coast of Obelia Bay. It’s supposed to be under the jurisdiction of the Governor General of Romun-Celceta, but due to the influence of the Baltan Navy, they exert little authority there. As a result, Normans and Ispaniards come and go as they please, and have formed a unique economic and cultural sphere through trade.

June 23rd

Nihon Falcom has shared some more details about naval battles. While sailing, you will occasionally come across ships controlled by the immortal Greeger, and naval battle will ensue. Your ship (the Sandras) is equipped with different types of cannons, and you need to use them to destroy the enemy ships. You can also use Mana and activate the Mana Barrier to protect yourself.

June 20th

Here’s a few more details and screenshots for Karja Balta, courtesy of Clouded Leopard Entertainment:

“Pirate Princess” Karja Balta is the daughter of the chieftain of the Balta navy, who leads a band of maritime ruffians to commit piracy with impunity.

June 19th

Mana Ride is one of the Mana Actions you can perform in the game. It makes use of the Grimble Board, which can float and glide in the air. By entering special spots known as “Wind Pools”, you will be ejected in the air (like a catapult), allowing you to jump over areas you normally wouldn’t be able to cross on your own.

June 15th

Adol Christin (17 years old). According to one of the diaries found at his birthplace (The Lost Paradise of the Northern People), he stopped by Obelia Bay with Dogi (a former thief) on his way to Celceta. In Ys X -NORDICS-, you will be able to join Adol on a new adventure on the northern seas!

June 12th

Ys X -NORDICS- features two battle modes: Solo and Combination. In Solo Mode, you can automatically dodge speed attacks (indicated by blue slashes on the screen) by performing a dash.

Also, here’s a screenshot of Adol listening to Lila, who speaks to him through a conch shell:

June 9th

Nihon Falcom has opened the full official website: check out this post for some footage and screenshots!

June 8th

Adol is a young adventurer from Esteria. Karja is a pirate princess and leader of the Baltan Navy. Their encounter will change the fate of Obelia Bay.

June 2nd

For the very first time in the series, Ys X -NORDICS- will allow you to sail a ship. There’s a vast sea for you to explore, with nautical charts to point you towards points of interest. You will also get to take part in naval battled against enemy ships!

Also, here’s an artwork showcasing your hideout in the game:

May 30th

Today’s character profile is for the Nameless Old Man (voiced by Shigeru Chiba). A mysterious hermit who lives on a certain island. He’s the one who teaches Adol how to use mana and to prepare for battle. He’s lost all memories of himself.

May 29th

Nihon Falcom has announced that Ys X -NORDICS- will launch on September 28th in Japan. To celebrate the announcement, a teaser commercial was shared:

Lila (voiced by Shion Wakayama) is a mysterious woman who grants Adol the power mana and prophecies through a mysterious shell. She appears to be somewhere in the Obelia Bay, and she asks Adol for help.

May 17th

Mana Burst is one of the Mana Actions players can pull off in Ys X -Nordics-. It’s an elemental attack that deals damange to all enemies within range. It can be unleashed by charging a regular attack. With Adol, the attack will be fire-based, and with Carja, it will be ice-based.

But Mana Burst can be used for more than simply dispatching enemies: the fire-based attack can burn vines blocking the path in dungeons, while the ice-based attack can be used to create platforms.

May 16th

In Ys X -Nordics-, players will be able to pull off various Mana Actions. One of them is the Grimble Board: it allows you to float above the ground and glide around. Thanks to the Grimble Board, you can move across water (something you normally cannot do), and you can also ride Wind Paths (that allow for high-speed travel in the air).

Another Mana Action is the Mana String. It makes use of an item known as “Nornir’s Spinning Wheel”, which can extend a string of mana. That string can be used to move to distant points with a pendulum-like movement. You can also strengthen the string and use it to pull out objects to use as foothold and to hit switches in dungeons.

Ys X -NORDICS- (Switch) comes out on September 28th in Japan.

Source: Nihon Falcom / Clouded Leopard Entertainment


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