Ys X -Nordics-: footage and screenshots

Ys X -Nordics- is the latest entry in the long-running Ys series, and it will be released on September 28th in Japan (no announcement for Europe and North America yet, but there’s little doubt the game will make it to those two regions). And ahead of that release, Nihon Falcom have finally opened the full official website for the game, providing us with some footage and fresh screenshots.

The website gives us a glimpse of an early cutscene, featuring the main characters (Adol Christin, Karja Balta, Dogi, Grenn Berge, Rosalind Rusveri, Cruz Carpent, Rafe Evelies, and Mirabel Asrad). It also gives us a good look at actual gameplay footage, with the Cross Action system and the various Mana Actions.

Here’s the footage:

And that’s not all: the website also features quite a lot of screenshots for the game:

Ys X -Nordics- (Switch) comes out on September 28th in Japan.


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