Nintendo news (Oct. 30): Nintendo Treehouse Live / Mario Tennis Aces

Today’s Nintendo news: Nintendo Treehouse Live presentation announced for Thursday, trailer for Koopa Paratroopa for Mario Tennis Aces, latest video clips for Luigi’s Mansion, and pictures of more Splatoon2 x Sanrio Characters merchandise!

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JP News (Nov. 25): Hulu / Disney Magical World 2 / Okami

Today’s Japanese news: Hulu services to be discontinued on Wii and Nintendo 3DS, special offer for Disney Magical World 2, some Okami figures, and trailer + release date several Shin Minna no Nurie games!

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JP News (Nov. 15): Famitsu previews / Bandai-Namco commercials

Today’s Japanese news: latest batch of Famitsu previews, some Bandai-Namco commercials, trailer and release date for Shin Minna no Nurie: Hello Kitty, some Christmas cakes from Capcom, some Monster Hunter Stories: RIDE ON cushions, more screenshots for Otomon Drop: Monster Hunter Stories, and some Monster Hunter Stories merchandise!

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf official interview, screens for the Sanrio collab. content

To celebrate the release of the Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome amiibo update, Nintendo of Europe published an official interview for the game, with Katsuya Eguchi and Hisashi Nogami. Also: check out some pictures for the Animal Crossing x Sanrio collaborations!

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[N-Direct] Animal Crossing: New Leaf update available, details, new LINE stamps, more

Today, in the Animal Crossing Direct, Nintendo showcased the contents from the new update for Animal Crossing: New Leaf, which is already available for download. Check out all the details (including those from the Japanese presentation), all the trailer and some pictures in this post!

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