JP News (Nov. 25): Hulu / Disney Magical World 2 / Okami

Today’s Japanese news: Hulu services to be discontinued on Wii and Nintendo 3DS, but also…

  • Disney Magical World 2
  • Okami
  • Shin Minna no Nurie


In Japan, it was recently announced that Hulu (the famous streaming service from the Fox Channel) would get a major overhaul in February 2017. Unfortunately, this will come at a price: two of Nintendo’s consoles will not be supported anymore. Wii and  Nintendo 3DS owners will no longer be able to use the service: they will have to do so on a Wii U (or any other compatible device, obviously).

As of writing, we don’t know if service will also be discontinued for the Nintendo 3DS in North America.

Source: AV Watch

Disney Magical World 2

Today, Bandai-Namco announced a promotional campaign for Disney Magical World 2. From December 2nd onward, if you purchase the game at a participating retailer, you will get a Shiny Star Shoulder Bag. The campaign will end as soon as there are no more bags left, so make sure you act fast if you’re interested!

Here’s a picture of the bag:

Source: Gamer


Here’s pictures of 3 Okami figures releasing in December in Japan, courtesy of FuRyu:

Source: Gamer

Shin Minna no Nurie

Here’s trailer for several Shin Minna no Nurie games on Nintendo 3DS, releasing in the upcoming weeks in Japan:

  • Shin Minna no Nurie: My Melody (releasing on December 7th)


  • Shin Minna no Nurie: Cinnamoroll (releasing on December 14th)


  • Shin Minna no Nurie: Pompompurin (releasing on December 21st)


All three games have been added to the Upcoming Releases page!


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