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Animal Crossing: New Leaf official interview, screens for the Sanrio collab. content

To celebrate the release of the Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome amiibo update, Nintendo of Europe published an official interview for the game yesterday. In this one, Katsuya Eguchi (General Producer) and Hisashi Nogami (Producer of the Animal Crossing series) answered several questions:

  • First off, what’s your favourite new feature in the Animal Crossing: New Leaf update?
  • When you tap an amiibo card from this new series it will call in the animal in a camper. Do either of you have a camper van? Why did you choose to use camper vans?
  • There are also collaborations with other series. Which is your favourite?

Here’s an excerpt (Katsuya Eguchi about whether he owns a camper van, and Hisashi Nogami about why they went with camper vans):

Katsuya Eguchi: “No, no. I really want one, but a camper van is not very useful in Japan! (laughs)”

Hisashi Nogami: “Well, there is an element of our personal admiration, but you know, each of the animals live in a house, and all the furniture comes with the character. It’s not just the character coming alone, but they come with a room. We wanted to express that the character and the room come together, so that’s why we came up with the campers.”

Click here to check out the full interview!

Also, here’s some screenshots for the Sanrio collaborations, with the animals you can summon using the special Animal Crossing x Sanrio amiibo cards, and the special items available in the Nintendo Village:

The Animal Crossing x Sanrio amiibo cards will be launched on November 25th in Europe.

Source: Nintendo


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