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Daily news (July 15, Round 4) – Paper Mario: The Origami King / Touhou no Meikyuu -Gensoukyou to Tenkan no Taiju-

Today’s Daily news: latest set of screenshots for Paper Mario: The Origami King, trailer for Touhou no Meikyuu -Gensoukyou to Tenkan no Taiju-, launch trailer for Bossgard, latest trailer for Streets of Rage 4, launch trailer for Conjurer Andy’s Repeatable Dungeon, and Developer Story for Coffee Talk!

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Daily news (June 22, Round 2): Curse of the Sea Rats / Wing of the Asteria

Today’s Daily news: latest Stretchgoals for Curse of the Sea Rats on Kickstarter, Wing of the Asteria announced for the Nintendo Switch, latest trailer for Prison Architect: Island Bound, Tower of Time now available for pre-purchase on the Nintendo eShop, latest livestream recording for Bossgard, demo now available for Wanderlust Travel Stories, and latest livestream recordings for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate & Splatoon and Fire Emblem 0!

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eShop news (April 12): Iconoclasts / Hototogisu Tairan 1553 Ryuuko Aiutsu

Today’s Nintendo eShop news: Iconoclasts confirmed for the Nintendo Switch, Japanese release date + trailer + screenshots for Ninja Striker!, Soccer Slammers now in debug and polishing phase, latest video clips for Feudal Alloy and Planet Alpha, screenshots for ACA NeoGeo Gururin, Japanese release date + trailer + screenshots for Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, launch trailer for Bombslinger, screenshots for Asdivine Hearts, Japanese release + trailer + screenshots for Black The Fall, and screenshots for Logic Mahjong Souryuu Shiri Uchi San’nin-tachi (now available in Japan)!

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