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eShop news (February 4): Corpse Party / Undying

Today’s Nintendo eShop news: English language option for Corpse Party in Japan, Japanese release date for Speed Limit, latest Stretchgoal for Ova Magica on Kickstarter, Japanese release date for MindSeize, and Japanese release for Disjunction!

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Daily news (January 19, Round 2): Dead Cells (Game Trials) / Monster Hunter Rise

Today’s Daily news: Game Trial for Dead Cells in Europe, livestream recording for Monster Hunter Rise, release date for Speed Limit, Magic Twins and G-Mode Archives Sorcerian announced for the Nintendo Switch, and latest Tool Assisted Speedrun video!

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Daily news (December 3, Round 4): Killer Chambers / Skyforge

Today’s Daily news: Killer Chambers announced for the Nintendo Switch, release date for Skyforge, English trailer for Speed Limit, free content update for Broken Lines, Nintendo eShop to be launched in Brazil next week, and latest promo video for Pokémon GO!

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eShop news (November 26): Nosferatu Lilinor / Deck of Ashes

Today’s Nintendo eShop news: Nosferatu Lilinor, Deck of Ashes, and Speed Limit announced for the Nintendo Switch, more details for Oniria Crimes, and Japanese releases for Doodle Derby and Thief Simulator!

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