Fire Emblem Engage: all the latest news, videos, and pictures

Revealed during the latest Nintendo Direct presentation on September 13th 2022, Fire Emblem Engage is the latest entry in the long running Fire Emblem series. It will be released on January 20th worldwide.

And if you really cannot wait for the launch in January, you’ve come to the right place: in this post, you will find all the latest news, videos, and pictures for the game. It will be updated on a regular basis, so keep checking back!

Archives: September 15th to November 2022 / December 2022 to February 9th 2023

Here’s a YouTube playlist with all the videos in one place:

April 4th

Clearing the Fell Xenologue will unlock two new classes:

  • Enchant (official English name TBC): allows a Unit to power up themselves, but also allies and weapons, by using various items and weapons.
  • Magi-cannon (official English name TBC): Unit launches long-range attacks using cannonballs imbued with various effects.

NB: in order to change a Unit to either of these two new classes, you will need special items.

April 3rd

Clearing the Fell Xenologue will unlock some additional content in the main story. For example, the allies encountered in the DLC will show up in the main story, and not only will you be able to use them in battle, you will also gain access to support conversations with them in the Somniel.

March 31st

In the video below, we get a sneak peek at the Continent of Elyos, which looks quite different in the Fell Xenologue!

March 30th

Mauvier (voiced by Tomoaki Maeno in Japanese) is the fourth and final member of the Four Winds. His name certainly rings a bell…

Mauvier’s starting class is Royal Knight. A high-ranking knight who rides into battle on a horse. He can inspire his allies, and he has mastered the use of Staves.

In the video below, we learn that Mauvier went to Solm as a scout under Nel’s orders.

March 29th

Madeline (voiced by Ruriko Aoki in Japanese) is another member of the Four Winds.

In the video below, Madeline’s serious and polite personality really comes out. Madeline’s starting class is General. A heavy infantry unit that boasts impregnable defense. Her attack power and defense are without pair.

March 28th

Gregory (voiced by Kenjirou Tsuda in Japanese) is a member of the Four Winds.

In the video below, Gregory is seen meeting with Alear and the others after performing infiltration as a reconnaissance unit. It looks like he doesn’t like pain very much…

Gregory’s starting class is Sage. A highly-skilled mage with great magic power. Along with Tomes, he also mastered Staves.

March 27th

Zelestia (voiced by Rika Fukami in Japanese) is the leader of the Four Winds. She’s a demonic dragon who has lived for thousands of year.

In the video below, we see part of a cutscene where she meets Alear. It looks like Alear recognises her from somewhere… Her starting class is Melusine. She dominates the battlefield with powerful magic and swordsmanship.

March 24th

The Four Winds is a group of knights whose mission is to protect Nel and Nil. They look strangely familiar… And for some reason, in this world, Alfred and Céline look somewhat out of sorts…

March 23rd

In the Fell Xenologue, which takes place in another world, battles feature various restrictions and offer a slightly harder experience that the main game. For example, if Alear, Nel, or Nill is defeated, then it’s game over for you. Therefore, you need to be extra careful because while Nel is a powerful unit that can transform into a dragon during battle, Nil’s basic abilities leave a lot to be desired.

Another difference is that this expansion does not feature perma-death: regardless of whether you’re playing on Casual or Classic, units that fall in battle will return after clearing the map.

March 22nd

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have announced that Wave 4 of the Expansion Pass will come out on April 4th in North America, and April 5th in Europe and Japan. Check out this post for a trailer, some footage, and some more details!

The Fell Xenologue is a side-story that takes place on “another Elyos Continent”. The Divine Dragon is dead, and the battle for the Seven Bracelets is about to begin.

This side-story introduces two new playable characters:

  • Nel (voiced by Romi Park in Japanese) is Nil’s twin sister. A strong woman who fights alongside her younger brother. Along with Alear and her brother, she sets out on a journey to collect all seven Bracelets and save the world. While fighting mysterious enemies at the Lythos Castle, she prays for a saviour to come and save the day. Her starting class is Fell Dragon Child. The blood of the Fell Dragon flows in her veins. She wields the Spear, and can transform into a Dragon with the help of a Dragonstone;
  • Nil (voiced by Takuya Eguchi in Japanese) is Nel’s younger twin brother. A gentle young man who supports his sister. His abilities don’t quite measure up to those of his fabulous sister, which is a source of embarrassment for him. Together with his sister, he prays for the arrival of the Saviour. Just like his sister, his starting class is Fell Dragon Child, and the blood of the Fell Dragon flows in his veins. He’s really not suited for battle, but he still took up the Axe in the name of peace.

March 7th

The latest Emblem Introduction video is now available: click here to find out more about Chrom and Robin (Emblem of Bonds) from Wave 3 of the Expansion Pass!

March 6th

The latest Emblem Introduction video is now available: click here to find out more about Chrom and Robin (Emblem of Bonds) from Wave 3 of the Expansion Pass!

Fire Emblem Engage (Switch) is now available worldwide!


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