Nintendo Systems: Nintendo sets up joint-venture with DeNA for digital services

Back in November, Nintendo announced the creation of a joint-venture with DeNA, called Nintendo Systems. The new company was officially created today, and is led by a team of engineers from both Nintendo and DeNA. The mission of that new company? To “create a system that facilitates the delivery of Nintendo’s entertainment to customers.”

The official website mentions the following two missions:

  • Development and operation of systems related to the digital part of Nintendo’s business
  • Planning, development and operation of new services

While Nintendo does not give concrete examples of what this new company is going to work on, their mentioning “systems” and “services” points towards non-game related and/or backend things (think Nintendo eShop, Nintendo Switch Online, Nintendo Accounts, etc.). Not too surprising given Nintendo first teamed up with DeNA for the creation of the Nintendo Account system.

In the message posted on the official website, Nintendo mentions how technologies that surround the internet evolve at a dizzying pace, growing in complexity every day. And it’s in this context that Nintendo decided to bring their relationship of trust with DeNA (which has been going on for over 7 years now) to the next level in order to bring forth innovations powered by Nitnendo’s originality and DeNA’s technological know-how.

Nintendo Systems’ tasks will involve implementing both mature and cutting-edge technologies in order to bring smiles to as many customer’s faces. Recruitment for this new company will kick off later this June.

Here’s some additional details about the new company:

  • Key people:
    • President and Representative Director: Tetsuya Sasaki
    • Director: Shinya Takahashi
    • Director: Yusuke Beppu
    • Director: Kenji Yamamoto (note: not the composer!)
    • Director: Kotaro Fukawa
    • Director: Keigo Watanabe
    • Director: Kenta Sugawara
    • Auditor: Takeshi Masuda
  • Capital: 5 billion Yen
  • Shareholders:
    • Nintendo: 80%
    • DeNA: 20%

Source: Nintendo


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