Fire Emblem Engage: all the latest news, videos, and pictures (Archives)

Revealed during the latest Nintendo Direct presentation on September 13th 2022, Fire Emblem Engage is the latest entry in the long running Fire Emblem series. It was released on January 20th worldwide.

This post serves as an archives for the daily Fire Emblem Engage updates between September 15th and November 2022. For the most recent updates, make sure to check out this post instead!

November 30th

Solm is a country located in the southeastern part of the Continent of Elyos. It’s a neutral country ruled by Queen Suforia (official English name TBC!), who greatly values freedom.

Timerra (voiced by Ami Koshimizu in Japanese) is the Crown Princess of the Kingdom of Solm, and Fogato’s elder sister. She has an innocent, bright, and cheerful personality, no doubt because she grew up in Solm, a country that values freedom. Despite receiving an education befitting the next Queen, she grew up to become an easygoing person, who can easily interact with anyone.

Timerra’s starting class is Sentinel. She wields the spear with unparalleled skill, and mercilessly overwhelms enemies with swift movements.

The video belows shows one of Timerra’s past times: gathering in front of a bonfire. She loves singing, and she sometimes comes up with her own, original songs!

November 29th

The latest Emblem Introduction video is now available: click here to find out more about Celica, the Emblem of Echoes!

Today, we get some details about nefarious enemies known as the Corrupted. One day, they suddenly start appearing all across the Continent of Elyos. Apparently, their apparition is one of the signs that the ressurection of the Fell Dragon is imminent.

Also, we got some details about two Fighting Styles:

  • Magic: Units with that Fighting Style will be able to ignore terrain effects when using Magic to attack enemies. For example, if an enemy is hiding in some bushes, you will be able to attack them from afar without having to worry about your attack missing them.
  • Flier: Units with that Fighting Style can fly, which allows them to ignore the movement restrictions of certain types of Terrain (like bushes or sand). It also allows them to move through Terrain that is normally inaccessible to Units, like rivers. But while Units with that Fighting Style enjoy great mobility, they are also extremely weak against weapons with a bonus effect against Fliers, like Bows.

November 28th

Elusia is a country located in the northeastern part of the Continent of Elyos. It’s a religious state where sorcery plays a major role, ruled by the wise King Hyacinth, known for his pursuit of knowledge and wisdom. The people of this country are said to worship the Fell Dragon. It appears that Elusia has been up to no good in recent years.

Ivy (voiced by Youko Hikasa in Japanese) is the crown princess of Elusia, and Hortensia’s older sister. She’s a really mysterious woman, with a serious and quiet personality. Ivy appears to be searching for Emblem Rings. Now, what would the crown princess of a country worshipping the Fell Dragon want with those Rings?

The Kingdoms of Brodia and Elusia have a long history of conflict. In an attempt to steal their Emblem Ring, Ivy decides to invade Brodia.

Ivy’s starting class is Wing Tamer. A knight who can communicate with beasts, and use them in battle. She rides dragond, and has mastery of tomes and staffs.

November 25th

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have shared a new Emblem Introduction video, this time focusing on Sigurd (Emblem of the Holy War). Click here to check it out!

During the battle preparation phase, you can choose which Emblems your units will Sync with. All Rings can be equipped by any unit, so try out various combinations and find those that suit your playstyle the most!

Units with the “Cavalry” Fighting Style have greater mobility than other units. It’s important for you to make the most of that mobility during battles, by cutting through enemies lines for example, or by rushing to the aid of a faraway unit who is too far from your other units.

November 24th

Anna (voiced by Saori Seto in Japanese) is a travelling merchant in training. She travels around the world in search of treasure to resell at a high price. Her starting class is Axe Fighter. While her physical strength is pretty high, the same cannot be said of her defense, which is fairly weak, so be extra careful when dealing with sword users!

During battles, if you see a speech bubble next to a unit, that means you can talk with them by moving to a nearby space and selecting the “Talk” command. It looks like some units can be recruited by talking to them while on the battlefield, so make sure to talk to all the units with a speech bubble next to them. That being said, keep in mind that you will need specific characters to interact with certain units.

Here’s a video showing Anna talking to Alear. It looks like she’s quite surprised to learn they’re actually a Divine Dragon. It appears her instinct as travelling merchant did not let her down!

November 22nd

Nintendo have shared a brand new trailer and lots of footage for Fire Emblem Engage: check out this page! They also shared the first Emblem Introduction video, introducing Marth (Emblem of Beginnings): click here to check it out!

Also, we have some more details about Rings. When a unit equips a Ring (in which an Emblem resides), the unit and the Emblem will enter a “synchronized state”. When in that Sync state, the unit will enjoy various benefits, such as beefed up abilities and access to certain Skills.

The unit wearing a Ring and its associated Emblem can merge: that game mechanic is called “Engage”. When “Engage” is active, the unit can use special weapons (Engage Weapons), special skills (Engage Skills), and extremely powerful moves (Engage Attacks).

The Skills granted by an Emblem can be divided in two categories:

  • Synch Skills: available simply by equipping the Ring
  • Engage Skills: available only when the Engage state is active

You need to be careful with the Engage state, as it only last 3 turns. After that, the unit returns to the Sync state. But this is not a “once per battle” system: every time a unit engages an enemy unit in combat, the counter goes back up, allowing use to trigger the Engage state again once it’s filled up. Knowing when to do so will definitely be key to gain the upper hand in battle!

All units have a specific Fighting Style, with specific characteristics (weakness, advantage, etc.). Here’s some of the Fighting Styles in Fire Emblem Engage:

  • Dragon
  • Cavalier
  • Mystical
  • Qigong
  • Cooperation
  • Heavy Armour
  • Flier
  • Stealth

You can check the Fighting Style of a given unit from the Status screen.

The Fighting Style is directly tied to the Unit’s class. For example, the Fighting Style of Alear’s starting class, Dragon Child, is Dragon. Dragon units always get some additional effects for their Engage Skills and Engage Techniques, which is why they have high compatibility with all Emblems.

Finally, we have a graphic showing the relationship between the various characters featured in the Story Trailer. We can see the warriors hailing from four countries on the Continent of Elyos, the people from the Holy Land of Lythos, the powerful members of the Four Hound (who are trying to revive the Fell Dragon), and a mysterious girl.

November 21st

Brodia is a military state located to the northwest of the continent of Elyos. The country is known for its wealth and military might, and is ruled by King Morion*, who values pride and power above all else. It’s often at war with its neighbours, Elusia, a devout nation where people worship the Fell Dragon.

Diamant (voiced by Junichi Suwabe in Japanese) is the First Prince of the Kingdom of Brodia, and Alcryst’s older brother. He was raised to become the next King, and it appears he has earned the unwavering trust of his people. Diamant is said to be a simple if stubborn man with a serious personality. He has deep respect for his father, the current King.

Diamant’s starting class is Lord. He’s the descendant of rulers who once guided their people. He wields the sword like no one else.

Alcryst (voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto in Japanese) is the Second Prince of the Kingdom of Brodia, and Diamant’s younger brother. He’s a fairly negative person with very little self-esteem. He often belittles himself by comparing himself to his more accomplished older brother. Despite this, he’s a fairly sociable fellow, and is a steadfast member of the royal family.

Just like his older brother, Alcryst’ starting class is Lord. However, his weapon of choice is the bow, which allows him to hit enemies from afar.

The following video shows Diamant discussing with Alear. It really shows just how imposing and dignified the future king of Brodia can be. Fortunately for Alear, he seems to be on friendly terms with the Kingdom of Firene! The video also shows Alcryst training with his brother Diamant, where we get to see his negative personality at work. He calls himself “Not Diamant of the Kingdom of Brodia”.

* official English names TBC!

November 18th

The Holy Land of Lythos is a land governed by the Divine Dragon Queen, Lumera (who also happens to be Alear’s mother). It’s located at the very center of the continent of Elyos. It’s a bright place covered in grasslands, where a gentle and refreshing wind blows. Alear has spent a thousand years slumbering on the floating island of Lythos.

Lumera (voiced by Kotono Mitsuishi in Japanese) is the Queen of the Divine Dragons, the ruler of the Holy Land of Lythos, and Alear’s mother. She’s a hero who helped humankind in their war against the Fell Dragon a thousand years ago, and saved the continent.

Lumera has been waiting for Alear to wake up for a thousand years. The video below shows part of a cutscene where Lumera, in order to protect Alear from Corrupteds, shows up as Divine Dragon and unleashes a powerful attack.

Veyle (voiced by Reina Ueda in Japanese) is a mysterious girl who suddenly appears in front of Alear as he’s about to be attacked by a Corrupted and saves him. It appears she’s travelling in search of someone…

Veyle can use magic, and has no trouble dispatching Corrupteds. Why did she suddenly show up on the battlefield?

Here’s the latest video for the game, with parts of cutscenes featuring Lumera and Veyle:

November 17th

The Divine Dragon Lumera is Alear’s mother. She protected Alear for 1 000 years as he slumbered in the Holy Land of Lythos. After being attacked by a mysterious enemy, she entrusts Alear with her hopes, and urges him to seek and collect 12 Rings in order to protect world peace.

A group of nefarious people known as Shiku* are working in the shadows in order to revive the Fell Dragon. They team up with Elusia, a country where people worship the Fell Dragon, in order to attack Alear and the others.

The Kingdom of Firene is a peaceful nation located to the southwest of the Contient of Elyos. It’s ruled by Queen Eve, who always strives for peaceful coexistence with other nations. Firene has signed a treaty of non-agression with two neighbouring countries: Brodia and Solm..

Alfred is the First Prince of Firene, and he goes to seek help from Alear, the Divine Dragon. Together, they head to the Kingdom of Firene.

* official English names TBC!

November 16th

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have shared a brand new trailer for the game, focusing on the story. Click here to check it out!

Also, here’s another artwork of Alear (female and male versions):

November 15th

Boucheron (voiced by Toaru Sakurai in Japanese) is yet another royal castle knight of the Kingom of Firene. A polite, tolerant, and kind-hearted young man who was born with a good physique.

His starting class is Axe Fighter. A mighty warrior who wields axes to fell foes. While he’s certainly not lacking in strength, his defense leaves a lot to be desired.

Here’s a video showing Boucheron discussing with Alear. It appears the knight is quite fond of fishing!

November 7th

Etie (voiced by Tomomi Mineuchi in Japanese) is a royal castle knight of the Kingdom of Firene. A noble lady and a paragon of elegance. She’s always full of positivity, and she’s quite the active woman. She diligently trains her body every day.

Etie’s base class is Archer. A light unit who fights with a bow, which allows her to hit enemies from a distance.

Here’s a video showing a discussion between Alear and Etie. You can see that Alear is quite intrigued by this noble lady…

November 2nd

Sigurd (voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa), known as the Emblem of the Holy War, is an honorable knight who carries the blood of a holy warrior.

Sigurd enjoys high mobility, which is why units wearing his ring will see the range of their actions increase compared to normal. Units will also be able to move after attacking, allowing you to have them take cover into bushes for example.

Here’s a video showing Sigurd discussing with Alear. He sure comes out as a strong, dependable person!

October 27th

Chloé (voiced by Hayami Saori in Japanese) is a royal castle knight of the Kingdom of Firene. She’s described as a gentle person, who is quite fond of her liege, Princess Céline. She’s also fond of fairy tales and beautiful sceneries, and she’s always looking for combinations that would make a perfect picture.

Her base class is Lance Pegasus. She’s a knight who rides a Pegasus to soar high into the sky, and attack enemies with her lance. She has the advantage against magic users, but like all flying units, bows are her big weakness.

The following video shows Chloé talking with Celine about going on a tour of the tea plantations on a Pegasus.

October 24th

In Fire Emblem Engage (like in previous games), units can equip a variety of weapons, and each type has its own strengths and weakness.

For example, Swords are effective against axes, axes are stong against lances, and lances have the advantage against swords. That’s the Weapon Triangle system fans of the series know quite well, and which makes a return in this entry! But there’s more than just the Weapon Triangle to take into account: there’s also Brawl attacks which are effective against bows, tomes, and knives.

Whatever weapons you choose for your units, it’s important to keep in mind their strengths and weakness. Always make sure to attack enemies with weapons that give you the advantage!

If a unit attacks an enemy whose weapon is weak against their own (let’s say, a sword user against an axe user), they can inflict the “Break” status. Units with that status will be unable to fight back until after their next attack, giving you a noticeable advantage in battle.

When engaging enemies in battle, it’s critical to always keep in mind the strengths and weakness of the weapons used by your units and the enemy!


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