Fire Emblem Engage: all the latest news, videos, and pictures (Archives 2)

Revealed during the latest Nintendo Direct presentation on September 13th 2022, Fire Emblem Engage is the latest entry in the long running Fire Emblem series. It was released on January 20th worldwide.

This post serves as an archives for the daily Fire Emblem Engage updates between December 2022 and February 9th 2023. For the most recent updates, make sure to check out this post instead!

February 9th

Wave 2 of the Expansion Pass is now available! Check out this page for all the details! Also, Emblem Introductions videos are now available for Hector, Soren, and Camilla: click here to check them out!

Also, Ver. 1.2.0 was released today (check out this page for the official patch notes!). It adds a new feature: Recreation. It allows you to take part in various activities at the pool, the orchard, and the stable in the Somniel. This is your chance to deepen your bond with your favourite characters!

Some details were also shared about Wave 3 of the DLC. It includes two new Emblems:

  • Chrom and Robin (voiced by Tomokazu Sugita and Yoshimasa Hoyosa respectively in Japanese), known as the Emblem of Bonds. Chrom’s impeccable swordsmanship and Robin’s flawless tactics will allow you to make small time of your enemies!
  • Veronica (voiced by Rina Hidaka in Japanese), known as the Emblem of Heroes. She can summon Heroes to assist her in battle, and have them perform special attacks. Her tactical game is great.

Finally, the Nintendo Direct gave us our first look at the new story content included in Wave 4 of the Expansion Pass. It’s called Fell Xenologue, and features some brand new characters.

January 19th

Wave 1 of the Expansion Pass includes some bonus costumes and accessories: you will find them at the Boutique in the Somniel!

And by clearing the first map, players who purchased the Expansion Pass will be able to get the Silver Card. This handy card will net you a 30% off discount at the Armoury and the Item Shop simply by having it, no strings attached!

Finally, Wave 1 also includes the following support items: Boots, Seraph Robe, Energy Drop, Spirit Dust, Secret Book, Speedwing, Goddess Icon, Dracoshield, Talisman.

January 18th

The latest Emblem Introduction video is now available: click here to find out more about Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude (Emblem of the Three Houses) from Wave 1 of the Expansion Pass! Also, Chapter 2 of the Ask the Developer interview is now available: click here to check it out!

January 17th

The latest Emblem Introduction video is now available: click here to find out more about Tiki (Emblem of the Divine Dragon) from Wave 1 of the Expansion Pass! Also, Chapter 1 of the Ask the Developer interview is now available: click here to check it out!

January 16th

If you connect to the internet, “Spirits of the Fallen” will appear on the map during battles. Those can be found on spots where many allied Units (yellow light) and many enemy Units (purple light) fell in battle. If you send a Unit to one of those spots and select “Wait”, you will receive goodies such as EXP, bond points, items, and more.

Also, connecting to the internet allows you to consult a ranking of the Units and Emblems most used by other players on a given map. This might come in handy if you’re not sure who to send to battle!

On the world map, enemy soldiers and the Corrupted will occasionally show up in places you’ve already visited. If you head there, you can take part in “Encounter Battles”* and Training. Those allow you to earn EXP like regular battles, and so are a great way for you to train your Units. Also, you can get Gold and items as rewards, too!

Pandreo (voiced by Genki Ookawa in Japanese) is a royal priest of the Kingdom of Solm. If there’s one thing he loves, it’s having fun, which explains why he’s always looking forward to the next feast. Despite his frivolous attitude, he is quite the pious and honest clergyman.

Pandreo’s starting class is High Priest. An experienced priest who mastered Staves. His great healing powers allow him to save the lives of his allies.

The video below shows part of a scene where Pandreo is seen talking to Fogado. The two of them are always so full of energy, and yet, something looks amiss this time…

*official English name TBC!

January 13th

If you head to the Bazaar (which is run by Anna), you will be able to buy rare items that are not sold at regular shops. The product lineup changes regularly, so make sure to check out what’s available for purchase every once in a while.

Your Profile Card is a card that displays some of your play records, along with a simple profile of Alear. If you connect to the internet, you can share your Profile Card with other players, and receive theirs in return. The further you progress through the story, the more words and elements (backgrounds, colours, stickers, etc.) you can choose to customise your Profile Card.

By the way, you can take a picture to display on your Profile Card. Select your favourite place in the Somniel, allies, accessories, and poses, and get snapping!

Merrin (voiced by Nanako Mori in Japanese) is a royal castle knight of the Kingdom of Solm. A knight with a glamourous aura who spends every single day trying to look as cool as possible.

Merrin’s starting class is Wolf Knight. A knight who rides wolves in battle, wreaking havoc into enemy lines with Daggers.

The video below shows part of a scene where Merrin is seen talking to her liege, Princess Timerra, pledging allegiance to her.

January 12th

Wyvern Ride is yet another side-activity available at the Somniel. In this one, you get to ride a Wyvern around your base, and try to shoot down as many targets as you can in order to get a high score. Here’s a little tip: there’s special targets that destroy all surrounding targets at once when hit, so make sure to aim for those.

My Room is the very place in the Somniel where Alear spent a millenium slumbering, and it’s where you will find your Bed. If you select “Rest”, you will be able to take a nap, which will move time forward a little in the Somniel. Also, it looks like allies will occasionally show up to wake you up.

Zelkov (voiced by Yuu Taniguchi in Japanese) is a royal knight of the Kingdom of Elusia, and a retainer to Princess Ivy. A quiet if fussy fellow. Whenever he says something, his words carry some implications.

Zelkov’s starting class is Thief. His specialties: swift moves and picking locks. Daggers are his weapon of choice.

The video below shows part of a scene where Zelkov is seen talking to Alear. It looks like Zelkox has quite a few hobbies, and he’s always on the lookout for a new one!

January 11th

Strength Training is a side-activity that allows you to temporarily increase Alear’s base stats. There’s three different types of training available, each one increasing different stats.

Fishing is another side-activity you can partake in at the Somniel. When fishing, timing is key. When you have a bite, carefully watch the fish’s movements and reel it in with the L stick.

Goldmary (voiced by Natsumi Takamori in Japanese) is a royal knight of the Kingdom of Elusia, as well as a retainer and a friend of Princess Hortensia. She’s rather shy and timid, but not because of a lack of self-esteem. Her mannerisms can come out as either reserved or brazen.

Goldmary’s starting class is Hero, and her strength allows her to shine on the battlefield. She can make use of a variety of weapons to (literally) cut her way to the front lines.

The video below shows part of a scene where Goldmary is seen talking to Rosado. Goldmary looks rather annoyed by what Rosado just told her…

And as an extra today, more screenshots of the game in English!

January 10th

During your adventure, you will come various animals that you can choose to rescue and bring back to the Somniel. If you then head to the Farmyard, you will be able to interact with the animals you’ve rescued and even get some items as reward!

As mentioned in the December 20th update, you can invest in the different countries of the Continent of Elyos. One of the benefits of doing so: it increases the number of animals you can give shelter to at the Farmyard!

Also, if you head to the Fortuner-Teller Hut, you can have Seadall tell your fortune. You may discover an unexpected side to your allies!

Speaking of Seadall (voiced by Shougo Sakamoto in Japanese), he is a famed dancer from the Kingdom of Solm. A gorgeous man with a mysterious aura. Fortune-telling is his specialty, and he will gladly tell your fortune.

Seadall’s initial class is Dancer. A dancer who performs mesmerizing dances. This class can use the Dance command next to an ally who has already performed an action during their turn, allowing them to act again during the same turn.

The video below shows part of a scene where Seadall is seen talking with Amber, who happens to be exceedingly fond of alpacas. What kind of fortune did he get?

January 6th

The overview trailer (and some commercials) is now available: click here to check it out!

Fire Emblem Engage offers three difficulty levels:

  • Normal: perfect for newcomers or intermediate players
  • Hard: for players who are really confident in their skills
  • Lunatic: for players who are really, really confident in their skills

Also, you can choose between two game modes:

  • Casual: Units that fall in battle will be back in the next chapter
  • Classic: Units that fall in battle are lost forever

Finally, today’s update includes another update to the graphic that shows the relationships between the various characters:

January 5th

The latest Emblem Introduction video is now available: click here to find out more about Micaiah (Emblem of Dawn)!

Units with the “Heavy Armour” Fighting Style will resist the Break status even if they’re hit by a weapon they’re weak against. Also, they boast lots of HP and high Defense, making them reliable Units to use on the front lines. However, you need to be careful when going up against enemies that can use Magic, for it’s their one, big weakness!

On certain maps, you will come across areas that are plunged in darkness. You need to proceeed with causion, because when you’re in that darkness, you can only see what’s around your Units and sources of light like bonfires or torches (that you can light up). Even if enemies are lurking in the shadows, you will not be able to see them until you’re right onto them.

And as an extra today, some more screenshots of the game in English!

December 28th

While exploring the World Map, you will sometimes come across Paralogues (that are unlocked as you progress through the game). Unlike Story Chapters, those maps are entirely optional, and you can ignore them if you don’t feel like tackling them… that is, if you really want to pass on some really good things, such as new allies to recruit!

In the Somniel, you will encounter a mysterious creature called Sommie, who has lived in the fortress since times immemorial. Make sure to take care of it, for good things are bound to happen if you do.

Panette (voiced by Yuki Shutou in Japanese) is a Royal Castle Knight of the Kingdom of Solm. She may look like a refined lady who speaks with the utmost politeness, she used to be far cruder in the past, and traces of that comes to the surface during battles.

Panette’s starting class is Berseker*. A mighty warrior who possesses extraordinary strength. She crushes foes with a huge axe.

The video below shows part of a scene where Panette is seen talking to her liege, Timerra. She does seem to grow uncomfortable every time someone mentions how she used to be in the past…

*official English name TBC!

December 27th (2)

Here’s a video and some more details about Anna!

Anna is an aspiring merchant who travels about each country in search of expensive-looking treasure. Anna starts as the Axe Fighter class. Her swings are fierce but leave her open to retaliation, so be especially careful when fighting sword-wielding foes.

December 27th

On the furthest point of the Somniel stands the Tower of Trials. There, you can take part in several challenges, both online and offline. Here’s the various Challenges you can tackle there:

  • Tempest of Trials (offline-only): clear maps in succession. If you succeed in clearing the specified number of maps, you will get various materials as reward, and the Units that took part in battle will receive some EXP.
  • Relay Trial* (online-only): team up with other players to clear maps. You each play in turn, like a relay.
  • Outrealm Trials (online-only): create your own battle maps by placing your Units on a map, and then sharing them with other players. Once done, battles against other players and their Units take place automatically.

Lapis (voiced by Tomoyo Takayanagi in Japanese) is a royal soldier of the Kingdom of Brodia, and a retainer to Prince Staluke. A good-natured woman with a kind personality. Don’t be fooled by her appearance: she was trained to hunt for a living, which is why she’s tougher than most people. She’s no fragile damsel in need of protection!

Lapis’ starting class is Sword Fighter. Swords are her weapons of choice, and she can easily dodge enemy attacks with her swift movements.

The video below shows part of a scene where Lapis is seen talking to Alear. Just like her Prince, she doesn’t have much self-confidence…

And as a bonus today, some screenshots of the English version of the game!

*official English name TBC!

December 26th

The latest Emblem Introduction video is now available: click here to find out more about Ike (Emblem of Radiance)!

From the World Map, you can head to your next destination, like the next Story Chapter. From the World Map Menu, you can change the outfits of your Units, return to the Somniel, and more.

Large, heavy weapons, like the Iron Blade or the Great Iron Spear*, can Smash enemies when you attack them. Smashed enemies are pushed back one space on the map. If there’s an obstacle on the way (like another Unit or a wall), your attack will also inflict the Break status! The one downside to that kind of weapon is that it does not allow for follow-up attacks.

*official English name TBC!

December 23rd

The latest Emblem Introduction video is now available: click here to find out more about Lucina (Emblem of Awakening)!

At the Blacksmith, you can have your weapons strengthened, provided you have enough materials and Gold. The Blacksmith will also be able to imbue a weapon with the power of an Emblem: that’s called Emblem Engraving*. The power of an Emblem can be imbued in only one weapon at a time, though you can always change which one depending on your needs.

Just like past Fire Emblem games, Fire Emblem Engage features Support Conversations. But this entry also introduces a new type of Support Conversations: those between Units and Emblems. Those work just like regular ones: you need to raise the affinity between Units and Emblem (from C > B > A) to unlock new Support Conversations. And after watching a Support Conversation, the Bond Level between the Unit and the Emblem will increase!

As for Units, one way for you to increase support level with other Units is to have them take part in battles side is side: all attacks and support moves (like healing) will deepen their bond with nearby allies. Once the support level reaches a certain threshold, you will unlock Support Conversations, and watching those will raise their Support Level.

Raising the support level between two Units allows you to enjoy great support effects, and a greater boost to your your Units’ stats when they stand side by side.

*official English name TBC!

December 22nd

While walking around the Somniel, you will sometime come across items (they appear as shining spots on the ground). You can pick those up and give them to your allies in order to deepen your bond with them.

If you have a Master Seal, you can use it for Class Change. Units that have reached Level 10 can be promoted to an Advanced Class. Such a Class offers several benefits, including better stats, and the ability to wield more weapon types in battle.

The Second Seal works the same way as a Master Seal, with one major difference: it does not give access to Advanced Classes. Instead, it’s used to change the Class of a Unit to another base/starting Class.

In order to switch to a Class with a different weapon type, your Unit will need something called a Talent*. Any Talent* they have from the beginning is called Innate Talent*, and it’s definitely a good idea to have them pick up Classes that make use of those Innate Talents.*

Don’t worry if a particular Unit does not have any Talents* (or if they don’t have those you need): you can simply have them inherit Talents* from Emblems, allowing you to shape that Unit to your liking!

Kagetsu (voiced by Takehito Koyasu in Japanese) is a Royal Knight of the Kingdom of Elusia, and Ivy’s retainer. A cheerful, energetic, amiable, and friendly person. His voice has a somewhat exotic quality to it, no doubt due to his being born in a foreign land.

Kagetsu’s starting class is Swordmaster. As the name of that class indicates, he masters the swords. He unleashes powerful techniques while dodging enemy attacks.

The video below shows part of a scene where Kagetsu is seen talking with Ivy. It appears the man possesses some sort of precognitive abilities.

*official English name TBC!

December 21st

While in the Somniel, you can choose to take up cooking duties. By preparing delicious meals and sharing them with your allies, all Units will get a stats boost during the next battle (provided you didn’t mess up). Also, sharing meals allows you to strengthen your bonds with the allies you invited.

If you cooked a great dish, you will also get leftovers once you’re done eating. Consuming those during battle allows a Unit to recover some HP. Make sure to keep working towards improving your cooking skills so that you can get leftovers to use in battle!

Bunet (voiced by Tomohiro Oono in Japanese) is the Royal Chef of the Kingdom of Solm. He’s quite enthusiastic when it comes to researching new dishes, and he does tend to live at his own pace. Always on the lookout for new ingredients.

Bunet’s starting class is Great Knight. A heavily armoured knight who can use a variety of weapons to protect his allies.

The video below shows part of a scene where Bunet is seen talking with Fogado. As the prince’s appointed cook, it’s no surprise his cooking skills are without pair.


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