Fire Emblem Engage: Wave 4 of the Expansion Pass (Fell Xenologue) to launch on April 4th/5th

Nintendo has just announced that Wave 4 of the Expansion Pass for Fire Emblem Engage will launch on April 4th in North America, and April 5th. And to celebrate this announcement, Nintendo shared a brand new trailer for the Fell Xenologue, which is what this new wave of DLC is all about!

Here’s the trailer:

Following the announcement, Nintendo also updated the official website for the game, providing us with some additional footage. More specifically, we get a better look at the two new playable characters, along with the gameplay and some of the environments.

And finally, here’s some artworks for some of the characters that appear in this DLC (including the Four Hounds):

Fire Emblem Engage – About the Fell Xenologue

The Fell Xenologue is a side-story that takes place on “another Elyos Continent”. The Divine Dragon is dead, and the battle for the Seven Bracelets is about to begin.

This side-story introduces two new playable characters:

  • Nel (voiced by Romi Park in Japanese) is Nil’s twin sister. A strong woman who fights alongside her younger brother. Along with Alear and her brother, she sets out on a journey to collect all seven Bracelets and save the world. While fighting mysterious enemies at the Lythos Castle, she prays for a saviour to come and save the day. Her starting class is Fell Dragon Child. The blood of the Fell Dragon flows in her veins. She wields the Spear, and can transform into a Dragon with the help of a Dragonstone;
  • Nil (voiced by Takuya Eguchi in Japanese) is Nel’s younger twin brother. A gentle young man who supports his sister. His abilities don’t quite measure up to those of his fabulous sister, which is a source of embarrassment for him. Together with his sister, he prays for the arrival of the Saviour. Just like his sister, his starting class is Fell Dragon Child, and the blood of the Fell Dragon flows in his veins. He’s really not suited for battle, but he still took up the Axe in the name of peace.

Fire Emblem Engage: Fell Xenologue (Expansion Pass – Wave 4) comes out on April 4th in North America, and April 5th in Europe and Japan.

Source: Nintendo


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