Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt #10 (Gyroidite Collection)

[This event for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is part of the Feather Fury seasonal event]

Today, yet another event for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp went live. It’s the Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt #10: Gyroidite Collection, which runs until May 22nd. As the name implies, this event tasks you with finding kingly gyroidite, which can be found all over the place. But why search for them in the first place, you ask? Well, those little buggers can be used to craft special furniture (and more precisely gyroidite based on previous Scavenger Hunt events)!

If you need some help finding kingly gyroidite, you can head over to the Shovelstrike Quarry, where you will be able to find some… but only when the kingly gyroidite icon is displayed on the map! Naturally, kingly gyroidite will no longer appear there once the event is over.

Finally, if you want even more rewards, you can try to complete the special sets of Timed Goals. Make sure to check out the Events and Content Updates page for more details!

To celebrate the launch of the event, you can also purchase a special pack from the store. Again, make sure to check out the Events and Content Updates page for more details!

Here’s the items you can craft using the kingly gyroidite:

Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt #10: Gyroidite Collection Items

  • gyroidite statue
  • gyroidite-figure display
  • gyroidite headpiece
  • kingly-gyroidite statue
  • kingly-gyroidite figure
  • gyroidite figure
  • darling-gyroidite figure
  • jellied-gyroidite figure
  • denim-gyroidite figure

As usual, make sure to keep an eye out on the Events and Content Updates page to keep up to date with all that’s happening in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp!

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