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Fire Emblem Heroes: latest events and content updates (May 2017)
Fire Emblem Heroes

In this post, we’re going to list all the events and content updates for Fire Emblem Heroes (on Android and iOS), for May 2017. Latest update: May 26th!

Fire Emblem Heroes: new set of Special Heroes coming tomorrow (Bridal Blessings Summoning Focus)
Fire Emblem Heroes

Looking forward to the next batch of Special Heroes for Fire Emblem Heroes? Good news: the Bridal Blessings Summoning Focus is going live tomorrow!

Fire Emblem Heroes: list of confirmed characters (+ rank, attributes), series representation
Fire Emblem Heroes

In this page, we’re going to list all the characters confirmed so far for Fire Emblem Heroes (on Android and iOS), along with various details (VA, artist, etc.). Update: list should now be complete, and now features pieces of art for every single character in the game (so far)!

Fire Emblem Heroes: challenge Kozaki Yuusuke’s Heroes with new special maps
Fire Emblem Heroes

Today, a new set of Special Maps were added to Fire Emblem Heroes. They allow you to battle Kozaki Yuusuke’s very own Heroes!

Fire Emblem Heroes: “Battle of the Mages” Voting Gauntlet now over
Fire Emblem Heroes Voting Gauntlet 3

Update: Final Round is now over. Check out the results inside!
Today, the third major event for Fire Emblem Heroes was announced. It’s the Battle of the Mages Voting Gauntlet, that runs from May 12th to May 18th!

Fire Emblem Heroes: more characters from Fire Emblem Echoes now available
Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

Here comes the second part of the Fire Emblem Echoes collaboration in Fire Emblem Heroes, with a new Summoning Focus including Celica, out on May 15th!

Fire Emblem Heroes: more details about Ver. 1.3.0 (Arena, Voting Gauntlet, more)
Fire Emblem Heroes

The latest update for Fire Emblem Heroes (Ver. 1.3.0) is now available: check out this post for details about all the changes and new features!

Fire Emblem Heroes: Software updates (latest update: Ver. 1.3.0)
Fire Emblem Heroes

On this page, you will find all there is to know about the Software updates for Fire Emblem Heroes on Android and iOS. Latest update: Ver. 1.3.0, released on May 7th/8th!

Investor Briefing (Apr. 2017): Kimishima on mobile games (Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes)
Fire Emblem Heroes

During the latest meeting with investors, on April 28th, Tatsumi Kimishima talked at great lengths about Nintendo’s mobile games.

Fire Emblem Heroes: details on upcoming events and features (new “survival” mode, more)
Fire Emblem Heroes

During today’s presentation, the developers of Fire Emblem Heroes introduces some of the events and new features coming soon. That includes the new “perma death” mode teased a few weeks ago.

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