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JP News (Jan. 24): Famitsu previews (incl. Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2) / Monster Hunter Stories

Today’s Japanese news: latest batch of Famitsu previews (including one for Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2), more DLC for Monster Hunter Stories, and special costumes for Megami Meguri!

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Indie News (Oct. 28): Runbow / Runner3 / Cube Creator (Ver. 1.2)

Today’s Indie news: an interview for Runbow, new character shown for Runner3, update on Cube Creator Ver. 1.2 development, more gameplay footage for Sneaky Ninja, and North American launch trailer for Ectoplaza!

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JP News (Oct. 5): VVVVVV (3DS) / Puzzle & Dragons X

Today’s Japanese news: VVVVVV releasing on Nintendo 3DS next week, screenshots for the latest batch of Puzzle & Dragons X DLC quests, Kemco sale (Wii U, Nintendo eShop), screenshots for Mercenaries Saga 3 and Train Creator 3D, picture of two actors from Yo-kai Watch: Sora Tobu Kujira to Sekai no Dai Bouken da Nyan (Movie), and Tetsudou Nippon! Rosen Tabi Aizu Tetsudou-hen announced for the Nintendo 3DS!

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JP eShop news (Sept. 28): eShop pre-paid cards at BitCash / Puzzle & Dragons X

Today’s Japanese Nintendo eShop news: Nintendo eShop pre-paid cards available at BitCash, Puzzle & Dragons X Free 2 Play game, DLC, and manga, screenshots for World End Economic Episode 2, Lionel City Builder 3D: Rise of the Rails releasing in Japan next week, and a sale for several Cosen titles!

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Indie news (Feb. 26) – SteamWorld Heist: The Engine Room #11, more

Today’s Indie news: latest episode of The Engine Room (SteamWorld Heist), new trailer for RIVE, official announcement for Star Ghost, and much, much more!

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Daily Briefs (January 27th)

Today’s Daily briefs: screens for the Japanese version of Terraria, artworks/screens for Boku no Hero Academia, another guide for Monster Hunter X and more!

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Daily Briefs (Jan. 9) – Gakuyuu Unmei Kyoudoutai: screens and trailer, more

Today’s Daily Briefs: screenshots and trailer for Gakuyuu Unmei Kyoudoutai, an update for Shovel Knight in North America, a guide for Monster Strike, and more!

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[Europe] eShop highlights for August 2015: 3D Gunstar Heroes / The Bridge

In August, several games came out on the Nintendo eShop in Europe. In its usual highlights video, Nintendo is showcasing two on Nintendo 3DS and four on Wii U!

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