Super Mario Run: 50m downloads, 10 Toad Rally tickets present, Do You Know Mario promo video

Earlier this week, Nintendo sent a press release to announce that Super Mario Run has been download over 40 million times in 4 days: a rather incredible performance, that set a new record for the App Store (one that most likely will not be beaten any time soon). And that’s only for the iOS version, as the Android still doesn’t have a release date…

And naturally, this is just the beginning: there’s no doubt the game will be downloaded by million of additional players in the upcoming weeks and months. In fact, the download rate doesn’t seem to have slowed down all that much, since Nintendo announced today that Super Mario Run had reached 50 million downloads worldwide.

To celebrate, Nintendo is holding a special giveaway: all players get 10 “free” Toad Rally tickets. We say “free” because said tickets are already free (you cannot buy them using real money). Nintendo specifies that when you receive your gift, you have to restart the app, and it will then appear in your gift box.

Please note that you cannot have more than 99 Toad Rally tickets at a given time, so if you have more than that, the extras will be discarded. In other words, make sure to use any extra Toad Rally tickets you might have before receiving your gift (though it’s quite unlikely you already have that many tickets so soon after launch!).

Also, Nintendo uploaded a new promo video for Super Mario Run, called “Do You Know Mario”. It’s a pretty neat video that shares some basic detail about the Super Mario series: it introduces the characters, Mario’s abilities, the different genres of Mario games (platform, racing, sports, etc.), and more. Naturally, if you’ve been playing Mario games for a long time, this video will not reveal anything new to you (no neat trivia or anything)!

Here’s the promo video:

Super Mario Run will be released on Android sometime next year (in 2017).


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