Super Mario Run break records with 40 million downloads in 4 days

Last week, on December 15th, Nintendo released Super Mario Run on iOS: the very first mobile game featuring the famous plumber. It was a pretty big deal both for Nintendo, but also for Apple who gave it unprecedented promotion.

And it looks like it was totally worth it, as Nintendo just announced that the game was downloaded over 40 million times in only 4 days. A quick reminder: back in October, it was revealed that 20 million people had registered to be notified of Super Mario Run’s launch. In other words, the game managed to reach a lot more people than expected.

In the press release sent today, Nintendo explains that Super Mario Run is by far the biggest launch of all times for the App Store, which really is no small feat… to think this is just Nintendo’s second mobile game!

What’s more, Super Mario Run topped the charts for Free games on the App Store in 140 countries. It also made it to the Top 10 most-grossing app/games in 100 countries, which shows that a significant number of players decided to buy the game. Unfortunately, the company didn’t provide any data about that (actual number of purchases, revenue, etc.).

But what’s really impressive about Super Mario Run is that it’s only available on iOS so far. Nintendo is yet to launch the game on Android, where it will most definitely be as successful.

Super Mario Run (Android) will be released next year.

Source: Nintendo


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