Nintendo Switch news (Dec. 22) – My Nintendo invites for Australia / Unreal Engine 4

Today’s Nintendo Switch news: Nintendo sending invites to a Nintendo Switch hands-on event to My Nintendo members in Australia, but also…

  • Unreal Engine 4

My Nintendo invites (Australia)

In the past few weeks, we heard about several hands-on events for the Nintendo Switch, with the latest one being the Nintendo Switch Preview Tour for North America. And this week, Nintendo started sending invites for a hands-on event taking place on January 15th, in Melbourne (Australia).

If you’re a My Nintendo member and happen to live in that fair country, make sure to check out your inbox, as you might receive an invite pretty soon (if you haven’t already).

Source: Vooks

Unreal Engine 4

Support for Unreal Engine 4 on the Nintendo Switch is not new (it was confirmed on the same day the console itself was revealed). But what we didn’t know is that graphics preset could be found on GitHub all along, though until pretty recently, the Nintendo Switch was listed as Wolf, WolfSea (docked) and WolfAir (portable).

You can find more details about the graphics present on this page, but here’s some interesting details (at least for those interested in the technical aspects of the console):

  • consoles for docked mode (SwitchConsole) are apparently “a notch lower” than the defaults used on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One;
  • the “ScreenPercentage setting” set to 66% confirms reports/rumours about games being displayed to 1080p on the TV (when the main unit is docked), and 720p when in handheld mode;
  • the Nintendo Switch does use the “main” renderer, not the “mobile” one;
  • for FXAA, the docked mode uses “FXAA”, and “fast FXAA” in handheld mode.

Make sure to check out this page for more details!

Also, it was also found that Epic has been using the latest Unreal Tournament game as a prototype on the Nintendo Switch, in order to test the engine. Unfortunately, it does not mean that they’re going to release the game on the platform, simply that they’ve been using it to perform various tests.

Source: M3d10n



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