PokéNews (May 5): Pokémon GO / Pokémon World Championships

Today’s Pokémon news: a Grass-type Pokémon event in Pokémon GO, but also…

  • Pokémon World Championships
  • Pokémon TCG
  • Pokemon merchandise

Pokémon GO

Starting later today (afternoon in North America, and evening in Europe), the latest event for Pokémon GO will start. Until May 8th, the spawn rate for Grass-type Pokémon will be increased, making it much easier to find them in the wild. This is the perfect opportunity for you to find your favorite Grass-type Pokémon!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there are any bonuses associated with this event…

Source: Niantic

Pokémon World Championships

Yesterday, The Pokémon Company announced some adjustements for the Pokémon World Championships 2017 qualifications.

After a midseason review of the expected number of invitations, it was decided that some adjustements would be made in order to allow more players to earn an invitation. There are two main changes:

  • the invitation threshold has been lowered in some regions (meaning you can earn an invitation with fewer Championship Points than initially planned);
  • increase of the number of Championships Points awarded at some events.

You can check your Championships Points total in your profil on Pokemon.com. Do note that the leaderboards are currently being updated to reflect the new Championship Point thresholds, and should be fully up to date within the next 72 hours. For more details, make sure to check out the source link!

Source: The Pokémon Company

Pokémon TCG

Yesterday, The Pokémon Company shared some details about a change impacting promotional cards for the Pokémon Trading Card game. From the Mega Powers collection onwards, some cards will have a special symbol: a “A”. This is for cards that have an alternate print.

This change was made in order to prevent those cards from being rotated out of play. Now, cards keep the original set icon and number, but with that extra symbol. In other words: they will not be be treated as a new promotional cards anymore.

Here’s what that new symbol looks like:

Source: Serebii

Pokemon merchandise

Are you running low on cuteness? Do you want to fix that with an impossibly cute Pikachu plushie? If yes, head over to the Pokémon Center Online store, where you will find the Paired Pikachu Celebrations: Sweetheart Pikachu Plush!

Here’s some pictures of that plushie:


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