Nobunaga’s Ambition: Taishi – Details and screens

A few days ago, the latest entry in the long-running Nobunaga’s Ambition series was announced in Famitsu magazine. Releasing this winter in Japan, it’s getting a Nintendo Switch version, that will launch alongside the others.

Nobunaga’s Ambition: Taishi will feature various improvements, including more detailed 3D maps and nationwide maps. The main new feature is the “Will System”, which works that way: each character has a “Will” of their own, and that influences how they act. This also has an influence on how to proceed in the game, but also the kind of commands and tactics available to you in battle.

Battles are made of two phases: Command and Advance. What’s the difference between the two? Well, time is stopped during the Command phases, which lets you think calmly about your next moves.

AI has also been improved: the Daimyo AI now has will-associated goals, and in diplomacy, will also has an influence on multilateral judgements. Regarding content, the game will have over 2 000 warlords, just like in the previous entry.

In the Famitsu interview, Hiroyuki Koyama (Producer) share some additional details. He reveals that the Will system was created in order to give players the impressions they were dealing with actual people, not just AI.

Regarding the Daimyo AI mentioned above, the way they choose actions has been change. Now, they “ask themselves” how they can achieve their goals, and act accordingly, instead of simply making decisions based on the current situation. At one point, a Daimyo may be judged harmful, and therefore be seen as an enemy: you will have to act based on that.

Regarding battles, the developers are also making some radical changes. Before, accumulating territory, troops and vassals equaled strength. But in Nobunaga’s Amition: Taishi, the level of power will change based on the compatibility between the daimyo and vassal’s Wills.

Finally, here’s the first screenshots for the game:

Nobunaga’s Ambition: Taishi (Switch) will be released this Winter in Japan. Development is said to be 20% complete.

Source: 4Gamer
Translation: Gematsu


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