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[N-Direct] StreetPass Mii Plaza: new games, update, queue system (Premium), more

It’s been quite a while since the last time the StreetPass Mii Plaza received an update, but today, it did get one following the Nintendo 3DS Direct presentation. This update brings the plaza to Ver. 5.0, and adds quite a few things: check out below for more details!

To get the update, simply launch the StreetPass Mii Plaza, and select the update icon. Warning: make sure you play with all the Mii you’ve streetpassed with before initiating the download, or you will no longer be able to do so with them afterwards!

The first addition brought by this update is the SwiftPlay Plaza, which considerably streamlines the experience. Not only greeting Mii is significantly faster, but you can also select games from the bottom screen of the Nintendo 3DS at any time.

The second addition is a queue system, that allows you to put Mii you’ve StreetPassed into a queue. Before, you could “stock” up to 10 Mii before having to clear the entrance in your plaza, but now, you can have up to 100 Mii in your queue (pretty useful if you’re going to a convention, or any other place where you can get lots of StreetPass hits at once).

Unfortunately, there’s a catch: that feature is only available in the Premium version of the StreetPass Mii Plaza… a pretty dodgy move from Nintendo, as this feature should’ve been part of the very first update for the Plaza… and free.

Nintendo also released 5 new games, allowing for some bite-size gameplay (European name / North America name):

  • StreetPass Slot Racer / Slot Card Rivals*
  • StreetPass Trader / Market Crashers*
  • StreetPass Chef / Feed Mii
  • StreetPass Explorers / Mii Trek
  • StreetPass Ninja / Ninja Launcher

The game costs £2.69 / 2.99€ / $2.99 individually, or £8.09 / 8.99€ / $8.99 as part of a bundle. The two games with * can be downloaded for free… but you can only chose one or the other, not both!

Here’s two trailers introducing those new StreetPass Mii Plaza games, along with the Nintendo Direct segment:

And here’s some screenshots and artworks for all the games:

Update: more screenshots!

Finally, there’s one change not mentioned by Nintendo during the Nintendo 3DS Direct presentation. Now, when you get puzzle pieces from Mii you’ve streetpass, you can get a Bonus Chance. When you do get one, you can get several puzzle pieces at once… pretty handy if you’re trying to complete a puzzle!

Here’s a video of this feature in action:

The StreetPass Mii Plaza update, including the new games, is now available for download!

Source (JP screens): 4Gamer.net


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