[N-Direct] Focus on Nindies (SteamWorld Dig 2, Golf Story, Battle Chef Brigade, more)

Last week, Nintendo showcased several upcoming games from Nindies on Nintendo Switch, but unfortunately, nothing new was shown about about them. The whole segment was more like a handy recap for players who may have missed the Nindies presentation at PAX West than anything, but it’s always a good thing to remind people that great games are coming!

First of all, we have SteamWorld Dig 2, which comes out… this Thursday (September 21st) in Europe and North America!

Next, we have Golf Story, a unique game mixing RPG and golf. It will be released on Nintendo Switch before the end of the month (so either this week or the next one!).

Fans of co-op action game can definitely look forward to Nine Parchments from Frozenbyte, releasing this Winter!

Battle Chef Brigade is for players looking for a rather unconventional cooking game, where you have to gather the ingredients yourself… and no, it’s not simply a matter of going to the supermarket! It will launch this Winter in Europe and North America.

Tiny Metal was also showcased during the Nintendo Direct presentation, but nothing was shown… and we don’t even have screenshots for it. It’s not even clear when it will be released!

Finally, we have Super Meat Boy Forever, the “sequel” to the tough-as-nail cult classic, coming sometime next year!


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