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Miitopia: update available for the preview, overview trailer, more details (dev team, duration)

Miitopia: preview update

A few weeks ago, we knew absolutely nothing about this mysterious game called Miitopia. Fast forward a few weeks later, and Miitopia is releasing… next week! To prepare for this launch, Nintendo released an update for the Miitopia preview, adding a featured called “Minna no Mii” (Everyone’s Mii): it allows players who don’t want / know how to create Mii characters to populate the game’s world.

What’s interesting about this feature is that it’s actually the very one from the Mii Contest Channel, on the Wii. When you’ve created a Mii, you can chose to upload it on Nintendo’s server (you have to do it yourself, as the upload is not automatic).

Every time you launch Miitopia, you get a questionnaire/survey, asking you to vote for your favorite Mii. The ones with the most votes then appear at the top of the list, with that list being refreshed on a regular basis (so make sure to check out popular Mii every once in a while).

After that, when populating the game’s world with Mii, you pick some among those created by other players. Looking for a particularly fierce Demon Lord? The cutest princess ever? The most handsome of party members? Then the Minna no Mii feature is for you! If you really don’t know which one(s) to pick, there’s also a “Recommended” option, that lists recommended Mii for you to check out.

But that’s not all: if you have specific needs for a character (if you want a celebrity or a historial figure, for example), you can always use the search function. And if you’re really lost and/or lazy, you can always let the game populate the world with Mii automatically. It’s pretty useful when dealing with non-crucial characters, such as NPC.

Since there’s really no way to know which Mii you will end up with using that feature, the game lets you replace Mii picked up automatically by the game.

Today’s update for the Miitopia preview adds the following:

  • that Minna no Mii feature (you can send Mii you’ve created if you want);
  • a new “trailer”

Here’s some screenshots:

Source: Nintendo

Miitopia: overview trailer

Today, Nintendo uploaded the usual overview trailer for Miitopia. It doesn’t reveal anything really new, so for more details, make sure to check out this post!

In Miitopia, it all begins when the Demon Lord appears and starts stealing the face of the villagers. You then go on an adventure in order to stop the Demon Lord, and get back the stolen faces. Based on the trailer, it looks like you travel around on a world map, with “levels” to stop at along the way. You can chose who to bring with you before each trip!

One of the key aspects of the game is that the world is entirely populated by Mii, and you chose each and every single one of them. You can import Mii from various games/software:

  • Tomodachi Life: you can import Mii you have created/imported in this game
  • Miitomo (via QR Code)
  • your friend list
  • Mii Studio (on Nintendo 3DS)
  • Mii Studio (on Wii U), via QR Code
  • from the internet
  • created them from scratch

You can also use the Minna no Mii feature described above.

Once you have Mii for your party, you can chose among 12 different jobs, each with their own abilities/moves:

  • Warrior: attacking and defending;
  • Magician: using fire and lightning-based attacks;
  • Monk: healing teammates;
  • Thief: setting traps;
  • Idol: singing and dancing;
  • Cook: cooking
  • Cat: they’re the cutest!
  • Devil: they love to cause mischief;
  • Scientist: Science is King;
  • Tank: a decidedly modern weapon…
  • Princess: they just want to be adored by their people;
  • Flower: flowers also know how to fight, you know!

When your Mii level up, their stats increase, and they learn new moves.

Also, along with the job, you also have to chose a personality for your Mii. This has an impact on how they behave in battle, and more:

  • Kind
  • Energetic
  • Dopey
  • Stubborn
  • Carefree
  • Cautious
  • Cool

The overview trailer also mentions the Support system and the Inn, but nothing that wasn’t previously detailed via the official website.

Thanks to this trailer, we learn that the game features no less than 250 monsters. You can use those to cook up to 150 different dishes, which increase the stats of your Mii when you feed them. Make sure to keep their tastes in mind, as a dish will be more effective if a Mii likes it.

At the Inn, you can give pocket money to your Mii, and they go buy things with it: weapons, equipment, bananas, etc.. There’s over 700 items to be found in the game, which is a lot… especially since there’s also regular clothing items, allowing you to customise your Mii even further.

Finally, there’s the bond levels: the higher it is, the more benefits you get in battle. For example, Mii can use special moves if their affinity is strong enough. As for amiibo, check out this post for more details!

Miitopia: interview

In an interview with Famitsu, it was revealed that Miitopia was developed in-house, at Nintendo EPD. The producer is none other than Koichi Kawamoto, who previously worked Brain Age / Brain Training, the AR games for the Nintendo 3DS, and Find Mii / StreetPass Quest.

Developers who previously worked on Tomodachi Life and the Mii Channels were also brought on board, which explains why the Mii Contest Channel makes a comeback of sort in Miitopia, and why the whole thing looks like a RPG version of Tomodachi Life. Yoshiaki Koizumi seems to be the General Producer, but this was not confirmed in the interview.

Koichi Kawamoto reveals that Miitopia is much more meaty that you might think at first glance: it’s a roughly 30h long adventure, with some post-game content to make sure players keep on playing as long as possible. He described the game as a natural evolution of Find Mii / StreetPass Quest, heavily inspired by Tomodachi Life.

According to him, food is one of the most important elements of the game. It features lots of interesting locales and bosses, too.

Miitopia (3DS) comes out on December 8th in Japan.

Source: Famitsu
Via: Shikamaru Ninja


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