PokéNews (Nov. 30): Pokémon Sun and Moon soundtrack and commercial, more

Today’s Pokémon news: Pokémon Sun and Moon soundtrack now available on iTunes (+ TV Commercial), but also…

  • Pokémon Adventures (manga)
  • Pokémon European International Championships
  • Pika-Chan

Pokémon Sun and Moon

Here’s the latest TV Commercial for Pokémon Sun and Moon in Japan:


Also, if you really like the Pokémon Sun and Moon soundtrack, and want to purchase it legally, the Pokémon Sun and Moon Super Music Collection is now available on iTunes in Europe, Australia, and North America. It includes over 160 tracks, and costs €8.99/AUS $16.99/$10!

Pokémon Adventures (manga)

Yesterday, ANN published an interview with Hidenori Kusaka and Satoshi Yamamoto, authors of the Pokémon Adventures manga. They have been working on them for a really long time (since 1997 for the former, and 2001 for the latter), and they had a lot of interesting things to say about the manga.

Here’s an excerpt (Satoshi Yamamoto about replacing the original artist for the manga):

Yamamoto: I had such a bad time that I even got depressed. Readers were completely against the change in artist. At that time, the internet already existed, and I made the mistake of reading what people was saying about me. There were a lot of people against me who said that my drawings were awful. Every time I opened a Pokémon manga volume drawn by Mato, my heart sank. So I started doing my best to change readers’ minds with my art. After ten years, there were more positive messages than negative ones, and I could finally feel relieved. I’ve heard it said that when you’re under a lot of rejection, you get motivated to do better. I’ve even heard that my best moments as the Pokémon manga artist were at the beginning. Some people even ask me to return to my old drawing style.

Click here to check out the full interview!

Pokémon European International Championships

The other day, The Pokémon Company revealed the schedule for the Pokémon European International Championships livestreams (that will be available on this website). They also revealed the name of the commentators:

  • Ross Gilbert (TCG)
  • David Hochmann (TCG)
  • Julian Scharf (TCG)
  • Nick Pearce (TCG)
  • Joe Bernard (TCG)
  • Jay Blake (VG)
  • Kay Dyson (VG)
  • Sebastian Ernst (VG)
  • Nemanja Sandic (VG)
  • Matteo Dorrell (VG)

Source: The Pokémon Company


Here’s the latest episode of Pika-Chan, The Pokémon Company’s webshow about battles in Pokémon games:



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