Fitness Boxing Fist of the North Star: character trailers

Announced during the latest Nintendo Direct (in September 2022), Fitness Boxing Fist of the North Star is the third game in the Fitness Boxing series. As the title indicates, this one features characters from the famous manga / anime series Fist of the North Star (Hokuto no Ken in Japanese).

Fitness Boxing Fist of the North Star will launch on December 22nd in Japan, with Europe and North America getting it sometime in March 2023. Ulike the previous two games, Nintendo is not involved this time around. Indeed, this new Fitness Boxing game will be published directly by imagineer outside Japan.

And in the weeks leading to the Japanese launch, imagineer are planning to share videos introducing the various Fist of the North Star characters appearing in the game.

Here’s the videos available as of writing:

  • Kenshiro (voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi)
  • Outlaw (voiced by Yamazki Takumi)
  • Jagi (voiced by Yasuhiko Kawazu)
  • Mamiya (voiced by Karin Nanami)
  • Shin (voiced by Takuya Kirimoto)
  • Rei (voiced by Katsuyuki Miura)
  • Souther (voiced by Akio Ohtsuka)
  • Raoh (voiced by Tesshou Kenda)

Never heard of Fitness Boxing Fist of the North Star? Here’s a trailer, some details, and some screenshots for the game:

For resolving lack of daily exercise and strengthening your physical strength! You can enjoy authentic exercise in the world of “Fist of the North Star” without changing the functions of “Fitness Boxing”! Familiar characters such as Kenshiro become your instructors! In addition, a new battle mode against rivals has been introduced, allowing you to enjoy the exercise with enhanced action gameplay. Punch your way through the many enemies that stand in your way, and aim for victory in the boss battle!

Fitness Boxing Fist of the North Star (Switch) comes out on December 22nd in Japan. No release date for Europe and North America yet, but the game is slated for a March 2023 release in those two regions.

Source: Nintendo


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