Fire Emblem Heroes: more details about Ver. 2.2.0 (new Battle screen, Special Training Maps, more)

Today, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems released the latest Software update for Fire Emblem Heroes: Ver. 2.2.0. In this post, we’re going to list additional details about that update, including those shared in the “What’s new in Ver. XXX” notification.

First, the patch notes (also found on this page):

  • A new event has been added.
  • The layout of the Battle screen has been updated.
  • Additional weapon skills have been added.
  • Additional weapons can be upgraded in Weapon Refinery.

We got some early details about the additional weapon skills and additional weapons in this post, so make sure to go check it out.

As announced during the latest Feh Channel presentation, the Tap Battle: Illusory Dungeon event will go live on February 9th, and more details about it will be provided… right when the event goes live!

Next, let’s a take a look at the new Battle screen. It now features a brand new option, at the top left corner. We don’t know what mode it’s for, just that it will be added with the next major Software update, coming in March. This new mode will contain maps that can only be played with either Legendary Heroes or Heroes who received a blessing.

As for the Special Maps section, nothing new yet, but the Help section indicates that the Daily Grand Hero Battle Rotation, announced during the latest Feh Channel presentation, will work the same way as the regular Daily Hero Battles (for Wrys, Virion, Hana, and more). In other words, it looks like it’s going to be permanent, and not a time-limited event.

Here’s the schedule for this Daily Grand Hero Battle Rotation:

  • Monday: Narcian (Wyvern General)
  • Tuesday: Navarre (Scarlet Sword)
  • Wednesday: Robin (Mystery Tactician)
  • Thursday: Ursula (Blue Crow)
  • Friday: Lloyd (White Wolf)
  • Saturday: Michalis (Ambitious King)
  • Sunday: Xander (Paragon Knight).

The Grand Hero Battles work like usual, with 3 ★ Hero if you clear the map on Hard, 4 ★ Hero if you clear it on Lunatic, and 4 ★ + Hero Feathers if you clear it on Infernal. Looking for even more challenges? There will also be a set of annual Special Quests related to those Daily Grand Hero Battles for you to tackle! More details coming when the first Grand Hero Battle goes live, on February 9th.

The Special Training maps announced during the latest Feh Channel presentation will also go live on February 9th. Just like the Daily Grand Hero Battles, they will rotate on a daily basis, though it’s not clear if they’re also permanent. One thing we do know is that tons of enemies appear on these maps, making them perfect to grind for EXP and SP!

There are are 5 types of maps:

  • Day 1: Melee
  • Day 2: Ranged
  • Day 3: Bows
  • Day 4: Magic
  • Day 5: The Workout

Those maps will be available in 5 different levels, ranging from Level 5 to Level 34, allowing you to train all your Heroes, from those you just got via Summoning to those that have been with you for a while already. Also, the map names show what type of unit will have an easier time growing up on that map, and there will be rewards (Orbs, Blessings) to get the first time you clear them. More details coming when the first map goes live!

As usual, this update also adds another Squad Assault Map: 7th Assault.

At the bottom right corner of the Battle screen, we have the Events section, where the various events currently running and the most recent events that have ended are listed. As of writing, only the latest Voting Gauntlet and Tempest Trials events are listed. An exclamation mark will indicate when an event is running, in case you don’t feel like checking out the in-game notifications and miss an announcement.

Finally, here’s some additional changes made to Fire Emblem Heroes with Ver. 2.2.0:

  • The skill Wrath has been changed. It will now trigger the damage +10 effect for Special skills that do damage to foes within a certain range, such as Blazing Thunder.
  • A feature has been added to guide players to a map from the Home screen if certain specified maps have not been cleared.
  • The manakete transformation animation will now only display the first time the unit battles after starting a map.
  • It’s now possible to change the display size when launching in windowed mode on a ChromeBook.

More details are coming soon, so stay tuned! Don’t forget to check out the Events and Content Updates and Characters pages for further details about new events and content!

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