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Fire Emblem Warriors: more details about the second DLC Pack and Ver. 1.4.0

Today, Koei-Tecmo shared some details about the second DLC Pack and Ver. 1.4.0 for Fire Emblem Warriors, that will both be released on February 15th. As you already know if you’ve taken a look at the DLC page, this is the Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon pack, and it costs 1 400 Yen / $8.99 / 8.99€ / £8.09 (included in Season Pass).

This second DLC Pack for Fire Emblem Warriors features the following characters:

  • Navarre (Weapon: Sword / Class: Mercenary). His special skill is Aloof: when he’s fighting on his own, he deals twice as much damage as when he’s paired with another unit;
  • Minerva (Weapon: Axe / Class: Wyvern Rider). Her special skill is Iote’s Shield: it nullifies any extra damage dealt by units that have an advantage over her (like Bow users);
  • Linde (Weapon: Tome / Class: Mage). Her special skill is Talent: allows her to fill up the Awakening Gauge simply by attacking enemies, regardless of whether she has an advantage over them or not (ie: Weapon Triangle).

Those new characters will be available right away after purchasing and/or downloading the DLC Pack, but the additional costumes, weapons, and weapon characteristics have to be unlocked via the new History Mode maps.

The Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon DLC Pack will also add three new History Mode maps:

  • A Brush in the Teeth: a mountain located in Samsooth, where many bandits came to lost their lives (hence its nickname: Devil Mountain);
  • Princess Minerva: Minerva has decided to stage a rebellion, and has taken hostages. Marth decides to attack her fortress, and save them;
  • Knorda Market: on his way to the capital city of Archanea, Marth learns that people have been kidnapped, and decides to go free them.

As for the additional costumes, we have:

  • Caeda: Bride
  • Marth: Groom
  • Tiki: Vibrant Dress
  • Lyn: Swordmaster

And just like the first DLC Pack, this one includes “destroyed clothes” for the following characters: Marth, Caeda, Tiki, Navarre, Minerva, Linde, Celica, Lynn, and Anna.

But that’s not all: the DLC Pack also includes exclusive weapons for the following characters:

  • Caeda: Wing Spear
  • Tiki: Divinestone
  • Navarre: Katana
  • Minerva: Hauteclere
  • Linde: Aura Tome
  • Anna: Anna’s Bow

Finally, there’s some new weapon characteristics to be found in this second DLC Pack (official English names TBC)

  • Statflip: there’s two types. The first one swaps Attack and Defense, the second swaps Magical Attack and Magical Defense.
  • Genpeer: increases damage dealt towards same-sex enemies, but decreases damage dealt towards enemies of the opposite gender;
  • Gencross: increases damage dealt towards enemies of the opposite gender, but decreases damage dealt towards enemies of the same gender.

Here’s some pictures for the contents of the Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon DLC Pack for Fire Emblem Warriors:

Alongside the DLC Pack, Fire Emblem Warriors will get a new Software update: Ver. 1.4.0. While required for the DLC, it will be available to all players, even if they haven’t purchased any of the DLC Packs.

Here’s the patch notes for this update:

  • Level cap raised from Lvl. 110 to Lvl. 130;
  • Adds new weapon skills (available via random drops):
    • Finisher Focus: allows you to deplete the Stun gauge faster;
    • Anti-Air Focus: allows you to deal more damage to enemies that have been launched in the air.
  • Adds new Blessings:
    • Strength Blessing, Magic Blessing, Skill Blessing: increases the respective stats;
    • Bond Blessing: makes it easier to raise the bond between two characters;
    • Swift Blessings: increase attack power for a limited time, at the beginning of battle.
  • Various improvements to the UI, including the map;
  • Various bug fixes
  • Bug fix for the sound data glitch for the first DLC Pack

As usual, the official patch notes for the update will be added to the Fire Emblem Warriors Updates page! And more details about DLC for the game (including pricing, schedule, and more) can be found on this page.

Source: official website


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