Fire Emblem Heroes: early details about the next Software update (Ver. 2.2.0)

Update: more details about Ver. 2.2.0 for Fire Emblem Heroes can be found in this post!


On the latest Event Calendar for Fire Emblem Heroes, it’s mentioned that a new Software update will be released early next month (February 7th/8th). Today, the developers shared some early details about this update, and revealed that it will add new weapon skills to a group of existing Heroes, but also allow more weapons to be refined in the Weapon Refinery.

Let’s start with the new Weapon Skills. The following Heroes will be able to learn the following (character-unique) weapon skills at 5 ★:

  • Caeda: the Taly’s Heart – Wing Sword
  • Hinoka, the Warrior Princess – Hinoka’s Spear
  • Raven, the Peerless Fighter – Basilikos
  • Felicia, the Maid Mayhem – Felicia’s Plate

Next, the weapon skills that you will be able to strengthen at the Weapon Refinery:

  • Eckesachs (Zephiel, the Liberator)
  • Wing Sword (Caeda, the Taly’s Heart)
  • Hinoka’s Spear (Hinoka, the Warrior Princess)
  • Basilikos (Raven, the Peerless Fighter)
  • Felicia’s Plate (Felicia, the Maid Mayhem)
  • Falchion (Marth, the Altean Prince / Chrom, the Exalted Prince / Lucina, the Future Witness / Marth, the Enigmatic Blade / Alm, the Hero of Prohpecy)

The developers specify that Falchion actually has 3 types of enhancements, and the one you get depends on the character you use:

  • Type 1: Marth, the Exalted Prince
  • Type 2: Chrom, the Exalted Prince / Lucina, the Future Witness / Marth, the Enigmatic Blade
  • Type 3: Alm, the Hero of Prohpecy

More details about the update for Fire Emblem Heroes will be posted in a separate post as soon as we get them. The patch notes will be available on this page as soon as we have them!



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