Fire Emblem Engage – Emblem Introduction: Celica (Emblem of Echoes)

Fire Emblem Engage features various characters from past Fire Emblem games, who are called Emblems. They appear in the form of Emblem Rings that units can equip in order to get a stats boost, but also gain access to special skills and abilities. And in this post, we’re going to take a look at Celica, who is known as the Emblem of Echoes!

Here’s a video showcasing this Emblem in action:

Celica specializes in Magic attacks, as well as attacks that are effective against monstrosities known as the Corrupted. Because of her focus on Magic, Celica will be the perfect Emblem for Units with Magic as their Fighting Style!

Her weapon, skills, and abilities are as follows:

  • Sync Skill: Holy Stance. When using that skill, part of the damage dealt to Corrupted enemies is “returned” to the unit (= healing).
  • Engage Weapon: Seraphim. Unleashes a powerful attack that deals extra damage to Corrupted enemies.
  • Engage Skill: Echo. Splits magic attacks in two, allowing you to hit two different enemies at once. While damage is indeed halved, this is pretty handy as it allows you to dispatch two enemies with few HP left in a single turn!
  • Engage Attack: Warp Ragnarok. Allows you to teleport to a distant enemy (that you normally couldn’t reach during your turn) and unleash a powerful magic attack. Warp Ragnarok allows you to travel great distances while ignoring terrain effects, making it extra useful when you need to go rescue a Unit in trouble! Also, when a Unit with the “Flier” Fighting Style equips Celica’s Ring, they can teleport 5 spaces further than other Units when using Warp Ragnarok!

Fire Emblem Engage (Switch) comes out on January 20th worldwide.


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