Fire Emblem Engage – Emblem Introduction: Sigurd (Emblem of the Holy War)

Fire Emblem Engage features various characters from past Fire Emblem games, who are called Emblems. They appear in the form of Emblem Rings that units can equip in order to get a stats boost, but also gain access to special skills and abilities. And in this post, we’re going to take a look at Sigurd, who is known as the Emblem of the Holy War!

Here’s a video showcasing this Emblem in action:

Units wearing Sigurd’s Ring enjoy great mobility when moving around the battlefield. This Emblem is particularly well suited to Attackers, though he will also work wonders with Healers and Armoured units.

His weapon, skills, and abilities are as follows:

  • Sync Skill: Canter. Allows the unit to move again after attacking. This allows you to take advantage of beneficial terrain like bushes (which increase your Defense and Avoid stats) by moving the unit there immediately after attacking.
  • Engage Weapon: Ridersbane. Deals extra damage to Cavalry units.
  • Engage Skill: Gallop. Adds +5 to Movement, allowing you to move 5 spaces further than usual. With this skill, you can cover great distances in a single turn, which is pretty handy if you need to go and rescue a unit in trouble. And if the unit wearing the Ring is a Cavalry unit, you get a futher +2 squares bonus!
  • Engage Attack: Override. Allows you to run through a (straight) line of enemies, dealing damage at the same time. This is pretty handy when enemies are conveniently lined up on the map!

Fire Emblem Engage (Switch) comes out on January 20th worldwide.

Source: Intelligent Systems (Twitter)


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