Fire Emblem Engage: all the latest news, videos, and pictures (Archives 2)

December 20th

By checking out the Bulletin Board, you can access the following features:

  • Base Information*: allows you to check out information about your allies (where to find them in the Somniel, their current equipment, etc.). By selecting an area on the map, you can travel there in a flash. While in the Somniel, you can also access Base Information* from the menu screen.
  • Countries Investment*: allows you to invest in the various countries on the Continent of Elyos, which requires Gold. Once investments have reached a certain threshold, the investment level will increase, and you will get a reward. Also, in countries with a high investment level, rare enemies will appear more frequently in battle, making it easier for you to gain Gold and EXP. Also, you will find more items while walking around on the battlefields.
  • Play Records*: allows you to check out various stats related to your gameplay performances. There, you will also find “Missions*” that task you with completing certain actions. Doing so will net you some Bond Fragments.

Citrinne (voiced by Ikumi Hasegawa in Japanese) is a Royal Soldier of the Kingdom of Brodia, and Prince Staluke’s retainer. A kind and friendly woman. As the daughter of a relative of the royal family, she is quite wealthy and will sometime make use of her wealth to spoil others.

Citrinne’s starting class is Mage. She can use Tomes to cast various spells. If you need to get rid of heavily armoured units with high defense, Citrinne will make short work of them.

The video below shows part of a scene where Citrinne is talking with Starluke. It appears that magic training is essential to her.

* Official English name TBC!

December 19th

The latest Emblem Introduction video is now available: click here to find out more about Leif (Emblem of Genealogy)!

Not all weapons have the same range. For example, the range for bows is 2, which means you can hit enemy units that are 2 spaces away. It also prevents enemies with 1 as range from counterattacking. However, there’s a big downside to bows: you cannot launch attacks or counterattacks against enemy units located just one space away from your Unit.

Units with the “Qigong” fighting style can use Chain Guard to protect nearby allies from enemy attacks. When triggered, when an enemy launches an attack that deals up to 20% of your Unit’s HP, it reduces damage dealt to that ally to 0 (effectively negating the attack altogether). Chain Guard will not activate if your HP isn’t at max.

December 16th

The latest Emblem Introduction video is now available: click here to find out more about Eirika (Emblem of the Sacred) and Ephraim!

There are various ways to deepen your bond with Emblems, and one of them is rather unique: you can polish their Rings after they’ve been tarnished in battle!

December 15th

Your allies also need to rest between battles, which is why you will get to meet them while wandering across the Somniel. Make sure to go and talk to every one of them to deepen your bonds with them!

The Café Terrace* is a place where your allies go to relax. It features various facilities, such as a Sound Box* where you can change which music is played when you’re wandering around the Somniel.

Rosado (voiced by Shouta Aoi in Japanese) is a Royal Knight of the Kingdom of Elusia, as well as Hortensia’s retainer and friend. An optimist who pursues cuteness and beauty in order to enjoy life to the fullest.

Rosado’s starting class is Dragon Knight. A knight who can control dragons and uses them to fly in the sky. While their abilities are remarkable, bows and magic attacks are Rosado’s big weakness.

The video below shows part of a scene where Rosado is talking to Hortensia. It looks like Rosado can make some pretty peculiar faces when talking!

December 14th

The Arena is a special place where you can earn EXP (and various other “points” like SP) by having Units take part in mock battles with other Units and Emblems.

Two types of training are introduced:

  • Standard Training: a mock battle against allied Units. Doesn’t cost you anything, but can only be used a certain number of times. Also, the opponent is chosen at random.
  • Emblem Training: a mock battle against an Emblem. Requires Bond Fragments, but can be used as many times as you want. Also, the Bond Level with the Emblem used as opponent will always increase after training.

Also, another playable Unit is introduced: Jade (voiced by Marie Miyake in Japanese). She’s a Royal Knight of the Kingdom of Brodia, and a retainer of Prince Diamant. She’s known for her calm and loyalty. Jade is the silent and stern type, which is why people often say she’s cold and ruthless, but the truth is, she does like cheerful and funny things too. Whenever she encounters a problem, she always starts meditating… no matter where she is!

Jade’s starting class is Axe Armour. A heavily armoured Unit wielding an axe. Her defense is a force to reckon with, but the same cannot be said about her resistance to magic attacks…

The video below shows part of a scene where Jade is talking with Amber, a fellow knight from the Kingdom of Brodia. It looks like one of her hobbies is writing novels, which is why she’s always eager about making research and collecting materials for them.

December 13th

During your journey, you will come across something called “Bond Fragments”, that allow you to forge “Bond Rings”. Those provide a stats boost when equipped. You can create even more powerful rings by merging two “Bond Rings”!

Also, a brand new feature was revealed today: post-battle walks. After battle, you can now walk around the battlefield. You can do this to pick up items that fell on the ground during battle, but also talk with your allies. The latter allows you to collect “Bond Fragments”.

Next, we have the “Dragon Time Crystal”*. Basically, it’s Fire Emblem Engage’s equivalent of the Divine Pulse. And it works more or less the same way: during battle, you can go back to a previous point in time and try doing things differently. Pretty handy when a Unit is a defeated, or when you simply made a mistake and moved them to the wrong space!

Today’s update also introduces another playable Unit: Amber (voiced by Atsushi Tamaru in Japanese). He’s a Royal Knight of the Kingdom of Brodia, and a retainer of Prince Diamant, with a pure and passionate heart. He’s quite the romantic, and has a passion for folklore and legends from all around the world. Whenever he does something, he tends to cause quite a stir.

Amber’s starting class is Lance Knight. As a mounted Unit, he enjoys great mobility. His abilities are well-balanced.

The video below shows part of a scene where Ambert is talking with Diamant. Everything seems to be going well until he ends up breaking something!

December 12th

The latest Emblem Introduction video is now available: click here to find out more about Roy (Emblem of Binding)!

If you head to the Ring Chamber, you can interact with the Emblems residing within each Emblem Ring. It’s there that you can have Units “inherit” the skills of those Emblems. But to do so, you need two things:

  • SP, that you get by having Units synchronise with Emblems
  • reach a certain “Bond Level” with that Emblem

Equipping a skill allows you to immediately see its effects on your Unit.

One important thing to keep in mind regarding skills: once a Unit has inherited a given skill, they have access to it even if they unequip the Ring of the Emblem they inherited it from!

When a Unit fights alongside an Emblem, they gain “Bond Points”, and once they get enough, their Bond Level increases. The more that level increases, the more skills the Unit gets access to, and they also get a bigger stats boost!

December 9th

There’s some new videos for you to check out: click here to take a look at the latest trailer, new playable Units, new Emblems, and more. Check out this page for details about the Expansion Pass and the DLC. Finally, check out this page for videos of all the characters revealed so far for Fire Emblem Engage!

The Somniel is a floating island located in the Holy Land of Lythos. It serves as your base of operation, and it’s a place where you can rest and prepare yourself for your next battle. At the Plaza, you will find a variety of shop that sells weapons, tools, and more. At first, the selection of items available for purchase will be limited, but more will be added as you progress through the story.

Here’s details about some of the shops:

  • Armoury: there, you can buy weapons for your Units to use in battle. You can also sell those you don’t need anymore.
  • Item Shop: there, you can purchase medicine (vulneraries, etc.), staves, and other tools.
  • Boutique: there, you can purchase Outfits and Accessories for your Units to wear when in the Somniel. Once you’ve purchase an accessory, pretty much all characters can wear it (with the exception of some special accessories). Try and coordinate the outfits of your various characters!

Next: some details about the Expansion Pass. The first Wave of DLC will be released on January 20th (launch day), with the other 3 coming throughout 2023. The Expansion Pass will feature an additional scenario, new Emblems, new accessories, and more.

Wave 1 will feature a new, three-in-one Emblem featuring three key characters from Fire Emblem: Three Houses:

  • Edelgard (voiced by Ai Kakuma in Japanese)
  • Dimitri (voiced by Kaito Ishikawa in Japanese)
  • Claude (voiced by Toshiyuki Toyonaga in Japanese)

It will also feature another Emblem: Tiki (voiced by Sumire Morohoshi in Japanese).

And that’s not all: this first Wave of DLC will also include various Outfits and Accessories that you can purchase from the Boutique. Still not enough for you? Here’s the list of support items you can also get with this first DLC: Boots, Seraph Robe, Energy Drop, Spirit Dust, Secret Book, Speedwing, Goddess Icon, Dracoshield, Talisman. They will certainly prove useful during your adventures!

If you’re worried about running out of money when making purchases, you’re in luck: Wave 1 of the Expansion Pass includes a Silver Card. To obtain it, you first need to clear the very first map of the game. Once in your possession, you will get a 30% discount at the Weapon Shop and the Tool Shop!

Finally, we have the confirmation that Fire Emblem Engage will be compatible with amiibo. Scanning one of them will allow you to get the following:

  • all amiibo: useful items for your adventure
  • Fire Emblem amiibo: costume based on the character scanned + a music track from the game they appear in

December 8th

The latest Emblem Introduction video is now available: click here to find out more about Lyn (Emblem of Blazing)!

Today, we got details about two Fighting Styles:

  • Cooperation: Unit will perform a support attack known as Chain Attack when nearby allies attack an enemy. And when enemies attack nearby allies, Units with that Fighting Style that are in range of that enemy will also take part in battle.
  • Stealth: Unit with that Fighting Style will see the modifiers from terrain effects (increased evasion, defense, etc.) doubled. Those Units truly shine on maps with lots of terrain like bushes, as enemies will have an even harder time hitting them.

December 7th

Fogado (voiced by KENN in Japanese) is the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Solm, and Timerra’s younger brother. Because she is to become the future Queen, Fogado enjoyed more freedom than his elder sister while growing up. He’s a generous and optimistic person. It appears he’s travelling across the country to protect his people. Just like Timerra, Fogado’s starting class is Vigil. In battle, he rides horses and uses the bow.

The video below shows part of a scene where Fogado encounters Alear, who got lost in the desert. He does come off as friendly and lighthearted, but what’s really the deal with him?

Hortensia (voiced by Hina Kino in Japanese) is the second Princess of the Kingdom of Elusia, and Ivy’s younger sister. She’s an innocent but somewhat selfish person, who cares a great deal about her relatives. On the orders of her father, the King of Elesia, she appears in front of Alear in order to steal their Emblem Rings. Just like Ivy, Hortensia’s starting class is Wing Tamer. In battle, she rides a pegasus, and attacks enemies with both Tomes and Staves.

The video below shows part of a scene where Hortensia, leading troups from Elusia, occupies a bridge leading to Brodia, waiting for Alear and the others to show up.

Staves are items that can be used by Framme’s starting class (Monk), and they offer various effects that can be used to support allies. For example, Heal can be used to heal Units, while other staves allow you to impede enemy movements by conjuring up obstacles and the likes. Those items are quite handy, but be careful: you can only use them a certain number of times!

December 6th

Here’s some details for two more members of the Four Hounds (a group of nefarious people trying to revive the Fell Dragon):

  • Griss (voiced by Kenjirou Tsuda in Japanese): a dangerous magic user known for his violence, insanity, and brutality. The more enemies attack him, the stronger he gets. He seems to have lot of trust for Zephia as leader of the Four Hounds.
  • Mauvier (voiced by Tomoaki Maeno in Japanese): a loyal, honest, and simple knight. Among the Four Hounds, Mauvier does come out as the calmest of the bunch, but what is he really thinking?

Also, a new playable Unit is introduced: Yunaka (voiced by Fairouz Ai in Japanese), a mysterious woman you encounter on your journey. A bright and lively person who easily makes friends with people she meets.

Yunaka’s starting class is Thief. She specialises in picking locks, and overwhelming enemies with swift movements. She’s good with daggers, and can even poison enemies with them. The video below shows Alear and Alfred meeting Yuanaka for the first time. She’s lost something, and asks the two of them to help her find it.

Speaking of Thieves, their weapon of choice is the dagger. That type of weapon can inflict the Poison status. If you attack enemies that have been poisoned, you will deal more damage than usual. And if you keep attacking a poisoned enemy with daggers, you can increase the potency of the poison. It’s a really troublesome status ailment that you can only get rid of by using the Restore or Anti-Poison spells.

On the battlefield, you will sometime come across locked doors. In order to pass through them, you can either destroy them, or use the Thief’s class “Door Key” Command. Pretty handy on maps with lots of locked doors!

Finally, we get details about Reinforcements. During certain battles, enemy reinforcements will show up from Forts, map edges, and other places. Be careful!

December 5th

The latest Emblem Introduction video is now available: click here to find out more about Corrin, Emblem of Fates!

During the Battle Preparation phase, you can change the position of allies on the battlefield. You can also check out information about the terrain, enemy abilities, and more. If you want to get the upper hand, make sure to check the entire map before jumping into battle!

Also, the “Visit” Command makes its comeback in Fire Emblem Engage. During battle, you will come across houses: if you go and warn the inhabitants of the incoming danger, they will reward you with gold and other items. To do so, move an ally to the glowing space in front of the house, and select the “Visit” Command. Be careful: if an enemy unit gets to the house first, they will destroy it!

Terrain can have multiple effects. For example, thickets make it harder for enemy attacks to hit you. However, moving through them require more Movement than regular terrain.

December 2nd

The latest Emblem Introduction video is now available: click here to find out more about Byleth, Emblem of the Academy!

On the map, you will find special spots teeming with an energy known as “Emblem Power” (official English name TBC!). When a Unit in the Sync state finishes their turn on one (after attacking or simply waiting), their Engage counter will be entirely filled immediately. Make sure to take advantage of those Emblem Power spots as often as possible by putting your Units on them!

Also, like in past Fire Emblem games, you will come across treasure chests on the map. You can open them by standing right next to one, and selecting the appropriate command. But you need to be careful: enemy Units can also open them! If one gets to the treasure chest before you, you can get its contents back by defeating that Unit before they escape.

December 1st

Gradlon is a ruined land, and the place where the Fell Dragon once rose from the depths of the world to try and invade the Continent of Elyos a thousand years ago. Thanks to the power of the Divine Dragons and the Emblem Rings, it’s sealed deep under the sea surrounding Lythos.

Zephia (voiced by Rika Fukami in Japanese) is the leader of the Four Hounds, who plan to revive the Fell Dragon. She’s a descendant of a demonic dragon tribe who has lived for thousands of years, working from the shadows to collect the Emblem Rings. She serves Sombron, an evil Dragon, and appears in front of Alear in order to steal their Emblem Rings.

Marni (voiced by Ruriko Aoki in Japanese) is another member of the Four Hounds. A confident but moody armour knight. Don’t be fooled by her cute and bright appearance: she’s one powerful enemy, and she always looks down on others because of her strength.

Fire Emblem Engage (Switch) comes out on January 20th worldwide.


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