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[NA] Dragon Ball Fusions to get a free update in early 2017, will add online play, new characters, more

Update: the Dragon Ball Fusions update is finally available in North America! Click here for more details.


Back in September, Bandai-Namco announced that Dragon Ball Fusions was indeed releasing in Europe and North America (as indicated by the age ratings). In North America, the game was supposed to launch next month, but it’s actually yesterday that it was released (on November 22nd): you can now get it from your favorite retailer, or even the Nintendo eShop.

Following launch, Dragon Ball Fusions received two updates in Japan (with one more coming next month), adding online play, new characters, and more. We were wondering if at least the first one would be included from the get-go in North America, and it turns out it’s not the case (which isn’t too surprising given the usual deadlines for retail games, especially with the release date moved forward by almost a full month).

In a press release sent on launch day, Bandai-Namco reveals that Dragon Ball Fusions will get a free Software update in early 2017, that will add the following:

  • online battles
  • an online special moves trading function
  • new characters
  • new fusion possibilities
  • and more…

Unfortunately, the exact contents and the release date for this update will be revealed at a later date. In the mean time, you can check out the following posts for details about the updates released and coming soon in Japan (since those are what the western update will be based on):

As for Europe, it’s getting Dragon Ball Fusions sometime in February, and it’s likely the update will not be included from the get-go. It will most definitely be released simultaneously in both regions, but Bandai-Namco hasn’t made any announcement yet.

Source: Bandai-Namco PR


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