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Dragon Ball Fusions: second update (feat. Goku Black, Trunks Super) now available

Back in September, Bandai-Namco released the first update for Dragon Ball Fusions. It added a brand new stage, but also online play and rankings. As announced previously, this was nothing but the first free update for the game, as more on the way. In fact, the second one (announced last month) was released on Wednesday.

This new update doesn’t add new new stage, but new characters and EX Fusions:

  • Trunks (Super);
  • Goku Black (who can transform into Super Saiyan Goku Rosé Black);
  • EX Trunks (Trunks + Trunks (Super);
  • Caroliblack  (Broly + Goku Black).

Here’s some screenshots and artworks for the new characters and fusions:

But that’s not all: Bandai-Namco also revealed a new commercial for the game. It stars Yoshio Kojima and Dandy Sakano, who were already in the previous commercial for the game. At the end, we can see some Christmas-like elements, which shows that Bandai-Namco has already set their eyes on that crucial period of the year. Since the game has the potential to sell pretty well during the holiday period, it’s no wonder!

Here’s the latest commercial for Dragon Ball Fusions:


Dragon Ball Fusions (3DS) comes out on December 13th in North America, and Spring 2017 in Europe.


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