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Dragalia Lost

On this page, you will find all the details, pictures, videos, and other tidbits about Dragalia Lost from the official Twitter account. As always with those types of pages, it will be strictly limited to “minor” details and reveals: should there be major announcements (like the release date) or a new trailer, there will be a separate post.

Never heard of Dragalia Lost? Then make sure to check out this post! For the (preliminary) list of Events and Content Updates, click here! The list of confirmed characters and Dragons can be found there.

June 20th

Today, Nintendo introduced a brand new character: Lanzerv (voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi). A skilled mercenary whose appearance and way of speaking give the wrong impression to people who meet him. He’s actually a pretty rigtheous person. He also happens to love parties.

Here’s a voice sample for Lanzerv:

June 19th

Today, Nintendo introduced another character: Elphyllis (voiced by Hayami Saori). She’s a Female Knight of the Illian Church, and an extremely gifted one to boot: she was given the rank of “Holy Knight” at a young age. For some reason, she ended up suspected of betraying the Church, and she’s now on the run. She may have the personality of a winner, she secretly has the same hobbies as a regular young girl.

Here’s a voice sample for Elphyllis:

June 13th

Today, Nintendo introduced yet another character: Nhaam (voiced by Yukana). A strange little fairy that the protagonist and Xethia encountered when they were but children. She’s a pretty cheerful little fellow, who can brighten the mood in an instant. She made a promise with the twins: “No matter the hardships we’re facing, the three of us will overcome them together”.

Here’s a voice sample for Nhaam:

June 12th

Today, Nintendo introduced another character: Xethia (voiced by Ai Kayano). She’s the twin sister of the protagonist (that she cares deeply about), and a shrine maiden of the Illian Church. As a kid, she was a real crybaby, but this all changed following the death of their mother, when she became much more poised.

Here’s a voice sample for Xethia:

June 11th

Today, Nintendo introduced not another Dragon, but the protagonist (voiced by Kouki Uchiyama). Referred to as “Eudiel” on the official website. A member of the Alberian Royal Family, and the 7th in line for the succession. He has a twin sister called Xethia, who happens to be the female protagonist. He’s also friend with a fairy called Nhaam.

He has a strong and bright personality, always with a smile on his face. He’s a pretty courageous fellow, always kind to the people.

Here’s a voice sample for Eudiel:

June 6th

Today, Nintendo introduced a 5th Dragon: Zodiac (voiced by Norio Wakamoto). A Dark Dragon who has brought several dynasties to ruin, leading his name to become legend in the southern Glastia continent. Over the years, the hate of the people for him has just kept on growing, causing his flesh to start rotting away. Their hate for him is so strong, it’s even started eating away his very bones. He inspires fear and awe in people.

Here’s a voice sample for Zodiac:

June 5th

Today, Nintendo introduced a 4th Dragon: Jupiter (voiced by Minami Takayama). The Light Dragon, who rules over the World of Thunderclouds. The lightning bolts coming from her body make people look up to the Heavens. She’s been teaching and guiding Heroes since ancient times. It’s said to be quite the enjoyable fellow, often acting on a whim.

Here’s a voice sample for Jupiter:

June 4th

Today, Nintendo introduced a third Dragon: Brunhild (voiced by Aya Endou). A scarlet Dragon who lives in the Adra Volcano. The people are afraid to incur her wrath, as her temper is said to be as hot as magma itself. In fact, it is believed that eruptions of the Adra Volcano are caused by her mana rising.

Here’s a voice sample for Brunhild:

June 1st

Today, Nintendo intoduced a second Dragon: Mercury (voiced by Kikuko Inoue), who watches over Saint Lotus, the Water City. It’s been living near waters since ancient times, watching over the people. At first, it was a completely aquatic Dragon (with fins and all), but one day, it decided to live among humans, and used magic to grow four legs and walk on the earth.

Here’s a voice sample for Mercury:

May 25th

Today, Nintendo introduced a first Dragon: Midgards Ormr (a wind Dragon, voiced by Yamadera Kouichi). A magnificent Dragon who lives in the Forest of Mist, located in a faraway land. It’s the very first Dragon the Founder King Alberius met, and it supported him using its vast knowledge. It’s said to be a rather strict, but fair, dragon. It’s also known as the Lord of Storms, who can manipulate the very weather.

Here’s a voice sample for Midgards Ormr:

By the way, Nintendo specifies that more Dragons will be revealed in the future, so stay tuned for more details! Make sure to keep an eye out on the list of confirmed characters and Dragons.

Dragalia Lost (Android / iOS) will be released this Summer in Japan (and several other countries), and at a later date in Europe and North America.



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