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On this page, you will find all the details, pictures, videos, and other tidbits about Dragalia Lost from the official Twitter account. As always with those types of pages, it will be strictly limited to “minor” details and reveals: should there be major announcements (like the release date) or a new trailer, there will be a separate post.

Never heard of Dragalia Lost? Then make sure to check out this post! For the (preliminary) list of Events and Content Updates, click here! The list of confirmed characters and Dragons can be found there.

September 26th

Today, Nintendo shared another countdown illustration, featuring Midgardsormr (voiced by Yamadera Kouichi):

September 25th

Today, Nintendo shared another countdown illustration, featuring Elisanne (voiced by Hayami Saori) and Ranzal (voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi)!

By the way, Nintendo has specified at which time the app will go live on September 27th: check out this post for more details about launch!

September 24th

Today, Nintendo shared another countdown illustration, featuring Luca (voiced by Shintaro Asanuma) and Sarisse (voiced by Ayaka Asai):

September 23rd

Today, Nintendo shared another countdown illustration, featuring Zethia (voiced by Ai Kayano) and Notte (voiced by Yukana):

September 22nd

Today, Nintendo shared a countdown illustration, featuring the protagonist (voiced by Kouki Uchiyama) and Cleo (voiced by Yuumin Uchiyama):

Also, two more Summons were showcased:

  • [5 ★] Luca’s prank (before evolution). Artist: 虹原

“Hey, Eleonore! Why don’t you open that box? There’s some treasure humans love inside! Don’t you want to see it?”
“For real?! Alright, lemme see…. hiyaaaaaah!?

  • [4 ★] To Become One With Shadows (before evolution). Artist: ell

The art of stealth. Hold your breath, erase all signs of your presence. Very few people can use such a technique. But this Juurouta… No enemy could ever fool him.

September 21st

Today, Nintendo shared some pictures and details about two more Summons:

  • [4 ★] Together on the Battlefield (before evolution). Artist: Rino

“Looks like we’re surrounded. Son what now, Berserk?”
“Are you listening? There’s only thing for us to do… exterminate them!”
“I see you’re as bloodthirsty as ever…”

  • [5 ★] A bolt of brilliance (before evolution). Artist: mikeboshi

He he he, this must be my genius! Only I could have come up with such a technique, after all! Oh, I should write it down before I forget it… well, it’s not like a genius like me could ever forget!

September 20th

Today, Nintendo started sharing some pictures and details about Summons: the characters, dragons, and Wyrmprints you can get via the usual gacha system.

  • [5 ★] Blazing Crown (before evolution). Artist: Akihiko Yoshida.

The Kingdom of Alberia is in crisis, due to the waning power of the Sacred Shards. In order to save the Kingdom, and restore order and peace, the 7th prince in line for succession (the kindest one) heads out on a journey, sword in hand.

  • [4 ★] Hyakka Ryouran (before evolution). Artist: i02.

Appollonia, the City of Tournaments. A city known for its Battle Ceremony. The brave gather at the Colosseum in order to test their strength and skills. This female knight is one of the challengers.

August 22nd

Today, Nintendo shared even more details about the Forest of Mist.

According to ancient writings, a mysterious fortress known simply as “The Castle” can be found in the Forest of Mist. Its fortications were made using a combination of magic from the East, and architectural know-how from the west. It looks like the founding King of the Alberia Kingdom lived in that castle, though he’s not the one who built it. In fact, the castle is said to have been built long before that era, though we don’t know when exactly, and for what purpose.

August 20th

Today, Nintendo shared some more details about the Forest of Mist. Over the years, many people who lost their way in the woods have claimed seeing a mysterious person in the mist. Some of them claim this person healed their wounds, and even showed them the way to get out of the forest. Even though the identity of that person remains a complete mystery, due to the mist hiding their face, some people heard a girl’s voice and some bells ringing.

August 16th

Today, Nintendo shared some more details about the mysterious Forest of Mist. Legend has it that 300 years ago, the fouding King of the Alberia Kingdom hid a treasure in that very forest. That treasure is said to hold tremendous power, which is which he summoned the endless mist in order to protect it, and prevent anyone from getting their hands on it. Many adventurers ventured into the forest in order to find the treasure, but no one has ever been able to find it…

August 14th

Today, Nintendo shared some details about the Forest of Mist, which is the first place you will get to visit on your adventure. It’s located at the very center of the continent, and is surrounded by mountains. The mysterious mist has been lingering over the place for several centuries, completely blocking the sunlight. It is said that many treasures can be found in that forest… but also some monsters, but nobody knows for sure.

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Dragalia Lost (Android / iOS) will be released on September 27th in Japan, the United States, Maccau, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, and at a later date in the rest of the world.


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