Daily Briefs (May 29): DJMax Encore / Famicom / Space Probe / Toon Tanks

Today’s Daily Briefs:

  • Famicom / NES
  • DJMax Encore
  • Space Probe
  • Pokémon
  • Circle Ent.
  • Toon Tanks

Famicom / NES

Want to take a (not so) quick trip down the memory lane? Here’s a YouTube playlist with 190 commercials for the Famicom (NES) and its games!

Thanks Simon Carless / Source Gaming for the heads up.

DJMax Encore

This week-end, at the London MCM Comic Con, Rising Star Games showcased an unnannounced game for the Nintendo 3DS: DJMax Encore. The DJMax Portable series is the handheld variant of the DJMax series (DJ-themed rhythm games), and first appeared on the PSP.

Very little is known about the game (which hasn’t been officially announced yet), but it seems like it’s based on DJMax Portable 2 / DJMax Portable Hot Tunes. As for the game, there is several modes:

  • 4 Button
  • 5 Button
  • 6 Button

The game uses the D-Pad and the Y,X, and A buttons. The background animations are played on the top screen, and notes are displayed on the bottom screen.

Here’s some pictures:

Our Upcoming Releases page has been updated!

Source: Parallax Play

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Space Probe

Space Probe is a (retro-inspired) game about collecting monsters and exploring the universe, which could be coming to the New Nintendo 3DS if the Kickstarter campaign is successful. For that, the developers need only £1 000 (with £665 already funded), as the Kickstarter campaign is only there to help them finish the game.

For the New Nintendo 3DS version, however, they need £4 000 more. If £5 000 are pledged before the end of the campaign, Space Probe will be ported to the New Nintendo 3DS (and not the older models). It will be a straight port, but with some additional content.

Click here to check out the Kickstarter page, which has more details about the game itself!


Here’s pictures of various Pokémon figures coming soon to Japan (from the Mega Hobby EXPO 2016 Spring):

Source: AmiAmi / NeoGAF / Moonlit Saki

Circle Ent.

Today, Circle Ent. made two announcements:

  • Puzzle Labyrinth is also coming to North America on June 9th, just like in Europe;
  • a patch is now available for ASH in North America, with the EU release coming soon.

Our Upcoming Releases page has been updated!

Toon Tanks

Yesterday evening, Petite Games shared a screenshot of the update loading screen for Toon Tanks, which is coming out later this year in Europe:



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