Puzzle & Dragons X: collab. with MH Stories / Taiko Drum Master, anime cast, more


We just added some videos and details: Commercial, trailer for the anime series, Monster Hunter Stories collaboration trailer, VS Mode footage, and D-Gear + Armour Drops showcase!


Today, during a special stage for the GungHo Festival 2016, GungHo revealed two collaborations for Puzzle & Dragons X, but also the cast for the anime series (which will debut on July 4), and more.

Puzzle & Dragons XCollaborations

The collaborations for Puzzle & Dragons X are with Monster Hunter Stories and Taiko Drum Master: Dokodon! Mystery Adventure. From the first one, the Rathalos and the Nargacuga will both appear in Puzzle & Dragons X as enemy bosses. If you read our previous reports about the game, you’re probably wondering “Well then, that means we’ll be able to create Soul Armour based on those two monsters?!”…

… and the answer is yes! Unfortunately, we don’t know what kind of special properties the special Soul Armour will have (other than looking pretty cool). One thing we do know is that to get this collaboration, you will first need to beat a colleboration quest to be released on August 10th. It also looks like a trailer was shown to the audience, so we should be getting it sometime next week!

Here’s the trailer for the Puzzle & Dragons X + Monster Hunter Stories collaboration:

As for the collaboration with Taiko Drum Master: Dokodon! Mystery Adventure, it will work both ways:

  • you will be able to befriend Don-chan and Tamazo X Don-chan (a special Tamazo dressed as Don-chan) in Puzzle & Dragons X;
  • you will be able to get music from Puzzle & Dragons X in Taiko Drum Master: Dokodon! Mystery Adventure on the same day Puzzle & Dragons X comes out (July 18th), as free DLC. You will also be able to add Tamazo X Don-chan to your party in Adventure Mode.

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VS Mode

GungHo also revealed some details about VS Mode, which was teased in the previous issue of Famitsu magazine. It’s a turn-based mode played at the Dragon Coliseum, and it works that way:

  • you select your skills (you have 15 seconds to do so, and you can skip this step after the first turn);
  • you play the puzzle (you also have 15 seconds for that);
  • damage done to your opponent is calculated, and the player with the most powerful attack gets to damage their opponent;
  • all three phases are repeated until one of the two players has no more HP.

There’s also some specific rules:

  • the HP gauge is divided in three blocks
  • you can only do a maximum of one block of damage per turn

Here’s some gameplay footage for the VS Mode of Puzzle & Dragons X:


Here’s a TV Commercial for Puzzle & Dragons X:


During the special stage, Takara Tomy showcased the toys that will launch on the same day as the game, on July 28th. The Armour Drops for the D-Gear will work with both Puzzle & Dragons X (on Nintendo 3DS), and PazuDora Radar (mobile game/app), via a QR Code found at the back (similiar to the Yo-kai medals).

In Puzzle & Dragons X, you can get the Soul of the monster scanned, in order to directly get the Soul Armour based on that monster. That way, you can get specific Soul Armour without first finding that monster in the overworld, and using Capture Mode on it.

There will be two variants of the D-Gear: one for Ace (Red), and one for Lance (Blue). You can play a simple game on it: the lights on the D-Gear lights up in a specific way, and you have to remember the pattern. Each time you get it right, you “move” to the next level, which is more difficult. And when you put the Armour Drops in the toy, music and sound effects play.

Here’s the showcase of the D-Gear and the Armour Drop (including in-game footage for Puzzle & Dragons X):

Anime series

As for the anime (which will debut on July 4th on TV Tokyo), the artists for the opening/ending were revealed:

  • Ending: Shiori Tomita, with music composed by Takkyu Ishino
  • Opening: UVERworld

The cast for the main characters was also revealed:

  • Ace: Takuto Yoshinaga
  • Lance: Tetsuya Kakihara
  • Tamazo: Tomoko Kaneda
  • Devi: Chika Sakamoto
  • Sonia: Sora Amamiya

Here’s the very first trailer for Puzzle & Dragons X anime series:

Finally, here’s photos of the special stage:

Finally, here’s something not related to Puzzle & Dragons X. GungHo announced a special collaboration with Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice for Puzzle & Dragons (Mobile):

(Pics courtesy of 4Gamer.net and GungHo)

Puzzle & Dragons X (3DS) comes out on July 28th in Japan. The anime series will debut on July 4th.
Monster Hunter Stories (3DS) comes out on October 8th in Japan.
Taiko Drum Master: Dokodon! Mystery Adventure (3DS) comes out on June 16th in Japan.

Source: 4Gamer.net / Famitsu


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