Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2: second trailer, footage, web demo, Limited Edition, details and pics, more

Today, during a livestream dedicated to the 15th Anniversary of the Ace Attorney series, Capcom revealed a new trailer for Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2: Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Kakugo, but also the very first gameplay footage. What’s more, a Limited Edition and a Dual-Pack have been announced, and a lot more.

Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2

First, here’s the second trailer for the game (also available with unofficial English subs):

Next, here’s the gameplay footage:

Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2 – Intro

For those who never heard of Dai Gyakuten Saiban before, it’s a spin-off of the Ace Attorney (called Gyakuten Saiban in Japanese) taking place in the 19th century, in both Japan and Great Britain (London, to be more precise). The protagonist is one Naruhodou Ryuunosuke, who happens to be Phoenix Wright’s ancestor (called Narudhou Ryuuichi in Japanese).

Naturally, the goal is the same as in the original series: defend your client in court, and prove their innocence. Before the trials, you head to crime scenes and various other places in search of clues and evidence: that’s the Detective Parts. During those, Sherlock Holmes is sometime around, and together, you can perform Joint Reasoning (see below for more details).

Then comes the Courtroom Parts: that’s where you use all the evidence and info collected during the Investigations. You also have to listen to witness testimonies, point out lies and/or inconsistencies, and finally find the truth (which is certainly not as straightforward as our explanation make it seems).

And unlike the mainline entries, Dai Gyakuten Saiban has you convince not just the judge, but also 6 jurors. Indeed, they are the one who decided whether your client is innocent or not.

Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2 – Story

Case 1 takes place about 2 months after Susato Mikotoba’s return to Japan. An English woman is murdered at a beach house, and a female student called Haori Murasame, from Yuumei University, is arrested as the suspect. This is quite the tricky case, that could very well escalate into a full-fledged diplomatic incident. It’s actually because of just that no lawyer wants to defend Haori in court…

… with one exception: Naruhodou Ryuutarou. Totally not Susato Mikotoba in disguise.

In another case, back in England, Natsume Souseki (a returning character from the first entry) finds himself accused of another murder: this time, someone that was living in the same home as him. Naturally, Naruhodou Ryuunosuke once again defends him in court, but he will have to once again battle against the fierce Prosecutor Van Zieks.

Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2 – Characters

Here’s the main characters of the game:

  • Naruhodou Ryuunosuke (voiced by Hiro Shimono): a Japanese lawyers who studied at the Yuumei University, and became a lawyer following a certain incident. Together with Sherlock Holmes and various other people, he takes on various cases abroad;
  • Sherlock Holmes (voiced by Shinji Kawada): known as the greatest detective in the world. His observation skills are peerless;
  • Naruhodou Ryuutarou (voiced by Kana Hanazawa ???): a university student, who studies law at the local university. She’s friend with Haori Murasame, and steps in to defend her in court.

Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2 – Gameplay systems

As mentioned above, the game is made of two main parts: Detective Parts and Court Parts. The two are intertwined, and directly impact each other. Here’s the various sub-parts:

Detective Parts

During those, you head to crime scenes and various other places in search of clues and evidence.

  • Examination: you get to search the crime scene (and related places) in search of evidence, clues, etc.
  • Information collection: you collect information by speaking to the various witnesses and characters involved

Here’s the 4 commands available to you during those parts:

  • Examine: you can examine the crime scene and related places. Found something suspicious? Make sure to take a look at it! You can get evidence that way, and said evidence can be examined more closely from the Court Records;
  • Talk: you can talk to the various witness and characters in order to get more details on the events that occured. You can choose from a list of topics to discuss;
  • Present: you can present evidence to characters. You will sometime get a reaction, and if you presented the right piece of evidence, you will get more details. Sometime, you even unlock a new topic to discuss with the character;
  • Move: you choose where to go, with more places becoming available as you progress through the case.

Detective Parts – Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2 systems

This system only found in Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2 (and the first entry): Joint reasoning.

Naruhodou Ryuunosuke and Sherlock Holmes work together in order to find the truth. Here’s how it works: Sherlock Holms makes his observation and reasoning bout. Then Naruhodou Ryuunosuke butts in, and points out bits that stand out or don’t make sense.

The thing is, Sherlock Holmes can be a little too logical at times, and frequently miss important details or be led astray by his logic. It’s only by working together than the pair can reach the truth!

Court Parts

During those, you defend your client in court using the evidence and clues found during the Detective Parts. You listen to witness testimonies during the Cross-Examinations, in order to point out lies and inconsistencies, and get closer to the truth step by step. As mentioned above, you have to deal with both the Prosecutor and the Jury during Court Parts.

During Cross-Examination, you have to pay attention to what witnesses are saying, and check the Court Records regularly to compare their statements with the evidence. You can have them repeat themselves as many times as you want. You can also Press for more details if you ever find something suspicious, but no clear contradiction, in order to get more details. You can get new bits of testimony that way.

If you find a clear contradiction, it’s time to voice an Objection by presenting some evidence. If you didn’t make a mistake, and presented the right piece of evidence at the right time, then the trial will move on to the next phase. If you present the wrong evidence, you will be penalised. If you get penalised 5 times, it will be game over for you and your client.

Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2 – Web demo

Do you know Japanese? Do you want to try out Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2 even without owning a Japanese Nintendo 3DS? If yes, you can click here to play the web demo!

Court Parts – Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2 systems

This system is only found in Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2 (and the first entry): Jury Battle. Unlike the mainline entries, Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2 has you battle against a Jury in court. To have your client proved innocent, you have to convince the Judge AND the Jury. here’s 6 jurors, and you need to convince them in full-fledged court battles… using evidence!

Behind the judge, you can see the “balance of justice”, with the black scale standing for Guilty, and the white one for Not Guilty. The 6 jurors send their (literal!) flame to each scale depending on their judgement. Your goal is to have them all send their flames to the Not Guilty scale.

The 6 jurors all have their reasons for believing your client is Guilty, and you have to convince them otherwise. To do so, you have to examine their own statements, and point out anything that stands out.

Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2 – Early purchase bonuses, Limited Edition, Dual-pack

Here’s the early purchase bonuses for the game:

  • a set of two short stories
  • a pack with 3 costumes

Also, Capcom will release a dual-pack (available in limited quantities, and sold 7 200 Yen + taxes), that includes:

  • Dai Gyakuten Saiban: Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Bouken (Best Price Edition)
  • Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2: Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Kakugo
  • Mini Soundtrack CD

Finally, there will also be a Limited Edition (only available on eCapcom), sold 9 800 Yen + taxes.

Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2: Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Kakugo (3DS) comes out on August 3rd in Japan.



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