The Alliance Alive: debut trailer

Last week, we learned that the team behind The Legend of Legacy was behind a new JRPG for the Nintendo 3DS, called The Alliance Alive. Yesterday, we even got plenty of additional details from Famitsu magazine. And today, FuRyu has uploaded the debut trailer for the game, which can be found just below.

The trailer starts with a cutscene showing Garyl and Ursula talking to each other. After that, we get to see a bit of what seems to be the main town, and one thing becomes apparent right away: the game is quite clearly inspired by Bravely Default / Second. But that’s not all: the trailer also shows the overworld, dungeons, the interior of various buildings/facilities, a bit of battles, and some more cutscenes.

Here’s the debut trailer for The Alliance Alive:

And here’s a longer list of staff working on the game:

  • Producer and Director: Masataka Matsuura
  • Art Director: Masayo Asano
  • Character Design: Ryo Hirao
  • Game Design: Kyoji Koizumi
  • Scenario: Yoshitaka Murayama
  • Composer: Masashi Hamauzu
  • Monster Design: Yuuichiro Kojima, Tomoyuki Sato, Ryoji Shimogama, Noriko Sasaki
  • Movie Director: Shuhei Yamagata
  • Storyboard: Ryoichi Kaida
  • Sound Editor: Kenichi Saito
  • Background Design: Misako Tsutsui, Nobuhiro Imagawa, Rena Sasaki, Airi Yoshioka
  • Title Logo Design: Tadahiko Kawaguchi
  • Development: Cattle Call
  • Promotion Support: Tokyo Soko Inc.

The Alliance Alive (3DS) comes out in Spring 2017 in Japan.


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