The Alliance Alive coming to Nintendo 3DS (FuRyu)

Update: added some extra details courtesy of Gematsu.


The other day, FuRyu opened a mysterious teaser trailer for their latest game, which can be found there. The countdown will end on Monday, and that day is precisely when the latest issue of WeeklyJump Magazine will be released. And yes, you got it right: the mystery game will indeed be showcased in that issues… which has already leaked.

And it turns out that the game is called The Alliance Alive, and that’s it’s for the Nintendo 3DS. Very little is known about the game, other than it’s a JRPG published by FuRyu, which seems to be some sort of (spiritual) sequel to The Legend of Legacy. The art style is pretty similar, the chara-design seems to be from the same artist (Tomomi Kobayashi), and the logo is way too similar to be a mere coincidence.

Here’s the various characters introduced on the scan below (NB: romanisation not official):

  • Garyll: member of the resistance
  • Ashura: Garyll’s childhood friend
  • Tigy: a prodigy professor
  • Ignace: Vivian’s butler
  • Vivian: daughter of a noble magic being
  • Rachel: a mercenary from the Guild
  • Barbarossa: a ghost soldier
  • Jean: a knowdeable mage
  • Lanzo: a well-informed yougn-man

It looks like during the adventure, the player will get to alternate between the 9 playable characters, and the story develop from their perspective. The game itself is taking place on a continent ruled by magic beings, and impacted by a phenomenom called “distortion”. The scans mentions “rain” and “fire” worlds, that the player will have to visit during their adventure.

The scan also features screenshots of the game, including a couple of a town and the overworld, but also some cutscenes/dialogue scenes.

Here it is:

Unfortunately, that’s pretty much all we could get from the scan, the rest being too blurry to read. If anything else pops up, we’ll make sure to update this post or post a new one. That being said, the game will be revealed on Monday, so there isn’t that long to wait before we get proper details!

The Alliance Alive will be released on Nintendo 3DS in Spring, and will cost 6 280 Yen + taxes. It has been added to our Upcoming Releases page!

Source: Weekly Shonen Jump
Scan: Toshibo King
Additional details courtesy of Gematsu



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