Xenoblade Chronicles X: website update (April 2nd) – Class change, buffs/debuffs, artworks and more

Yesterday, Monolith Software updated their official website for Xenoblade Chronicles X, with some info on class change, buffs/debuffs, a couple of artworks and more!

Class Change

When you start the game, your class is called “Drifter”. But when you reach rank 10, you can then chose among three different branches: Assault, Forcer, Command.

– Drifter: the basis of all classes. A rather balanced class with a variety of Arts, allowing you to equip Knives and Assault Rifles.
– Assault: a class focused on attack and defense Arts. It augments your HP and your Melee Power, and allows you to equip Longswords and Assault Rifles.
– Command: a class that allows you to deal more damage with Arts effects. It increases your Melee and Ranges accuracy, as well as Evasion. Allows you to equip Dual Swords and Dual Guns.
– Forcer: a class focused on support, with several Ranged Arts, which increases your Ranged Power and Latent Abilities. Allows you to equip Knives and Rayguns.

Buffs / Debuffs

During battles, you can get various Buffs / Debuffs based on certain conditions: Arts usage, weather effects, zone effects, probe effects, and more. Here’s some examples:


– Melee Accuracy Up: Increased the accuracy of Melee attacks.
– Ranged Power Up: Increases the power of Ranged Attacks.
– Beam Resistance Up: Reduce the amount of damage taken from Beam attacks.
– Damage Armor: Raises a barrier that reduces damage received by a fixed amount.
– Bullet Charge: Doubles the amount of damage of your next attack.
– Fake Body: Allows you to evade a fixed number of enemy attacks.

Weather and Probes Buffs

– All Resist Up: Reduces the amount of damage taken.
– Critical Rate Up: Raises Critical Hit rate.
– Ether Attack Buff: Increases the amount ofdamage done by Ether attacks.
– Resist Down: Reduces enemy debuff resistances, making them more susceptible to effects like “Break” or “Topple”.


– Break: Throws you off balance. You can be Toppled, or more easily caught by enemy Dolls.
– Knockback: Pushes you backwards.
– Stun: Stuns you.
– Sleep: Puts you to asleep, making you unable to move. You awake if you get hit by an attack.
– Black Sight: Lowers your Accuracy and Evasion rates, and decreases the amount of damage for Ranged attacks.
– Blaze: you suffer from burns, and take damage at fixed intervals

Weather Debuffs

– Ranged Accuracy Down: Lowers Accuracy rate of Ranged attacks.
– Melee Power Down: Decreases the amount of damage inflicted by Melee attacks.
– Weather Damage – Heat: you suffer from heat, and take damage at fixed intervals.
– Weather Damage – Bolt: you get electrocuted and take damage at fixed intervals.


Here’s some concept-arts done by Mr. Kojo:


Finally, the 3rd part of the 20 Hour Happy People is now available, but only in Japanese for now. You can find it there.

And a little bonus: lots of screenshots for Xenoblade Chronicles 3D!

Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U) comes out on April 29th in Japan, and later this year in Europe and North America.

Source: Xenoblade Chronicles X / Game Watch
Translation: Gessenkou


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