UK: video games sales for Week 39, 2015 (ending September 26th)

Despite the entry of 4 different versions for FIFA 2016, Super Mario Maker managed to lose “only” 5 places during Week 39 in the United Kingdom. It’s now #11, which is rather good for a Wii U game during its third week on the market. Now it just remains to be seen whether it will manage to stay in the Top 40 until the end of the year!

This week, there’s one entry for the Wii U and the Wii… Skylanders SuperChargers:

  • the Wii U version is #22, which is worse than the Xbox 360 version (#13), but better than the PlayStation 4 (#32) and Xbox One versions (#30).
  • the Wii version is #36, which is worse than the PlayStation 4 (#32) and Xbox One versions (#30).

Unfortunately, even if the Wii U version outsold the Wii version by a wide margin, it’s not because it has been selling better every year, but mostly because Wii sales just keep on dwindling.

Skylanders SuperChargersFinally, there isn’t a single Nintendo 3DS game in the Top 40, as the best-selling title (Pokémon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire) did not sell enough for that.


Nintendo 3DS

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