UK: video games sales for Week 35, 2015 (ending August 29th)

It’s during Week 35 than Disney Infinity 3.0 came out in the United Kingdom, and unfortunately, it didn’t do pretty well on Wii U. This version of the game is only #26, far behind the other platforms, and is by far the worst-selling SKU. This is another proof that the family audience that made the Wii King of Consoles last gen have, for the most part, little to not interest in the Wii U.

As for Splatoon, it’s #27 this week (it was #17 during Week 34), and had its title of best-selling game on Wii U stolen by Disney Infinity 3.0. However, it’s pretty likely it will get it back as soon as… next week! Finally, Mario Kart 8 is back in the Top, at #39: how long will it manage to hold this time around? On the 3DS front, Animal Crossing: New Leaf is the new best-selling title.

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Source: GFK Chart-track



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