Ace Attorney 6: more details and scans from Famitsu magazine

This week, Famitsu is revealing a brand new entry in the Ace Attorney series, logically called Gyakuten Saiban 6 in Japan (in the West, we will most likely get the usual subtitle instead of a number). Now that Famitsu is officially available, we now have HQ scans of the magazine, but also more details about the game from the article and the interview.

Gyakuten Saiban 6As mentioned in our previous posts, Ace Attorney 6 does not take place in Japan (United States in the English version), but instead in a foreign (unnamed) country that Phoenix Wright is visiting in order to reach a “certain goal”. As usual in the Ace Attorney series, he ends up involved in an incident, and this one involves his tour guide.

Bokuto Tsuani (a pun which means “On a tour with me” in Japan) is the name of that Tour Guide, who is arrested. Phoenix Wright then discovers that there’s no defense attorney at all, and that the Judge relies on an “Oracle of Spirits” in order to reach a verdict without an actual trial. Quite obviously, Phoenix Wright doesn’t just stand there, and he actually steps in in order to defend Bokuto Tsuani.

Bokuto Tsuani is both a monk-in-training and a Tour Guide… a really energetic tour guide who simply can’t be stopped as soon as he starts talking about his country. As for the mysterious and confident-looking woman seen in the scans below, she is not a witness, a prosecutor, or a judge.

The magazine explains that she is the “fourth role” in the courtroom (along with the Defense Attorney, the Prosecutor and the Judge), but also this game’s “key person” (an expression that was used for Athena Cykes in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies, but that doesn’t mean she will be Phoenix Wright’s assistant in this game).

During the trials, big Water Mirrors are used, and they are actually part of a brand new gameplay system: more details about it will be revealed soon, most likely at the Tokyo Games Show 2015 where the game will be playable (the demo will focus on that new system). Famitsu explains that the game will also feature other small changes to the usual gameplay systems while in court.

In the interview, Takeshi Yamazaki (Director) explains that there are no Defense Attorneys in the country where the game takes place, even though there are Prosecutors. Defendants have to use a “certain object” in order to defend themselves, most likely related to the big Water Mirrors used during the trial.

Takeshi Yamazaki (Director) and Motohide Eshiro (Producer) reveal in the interview that the theme of Ace Attorney 6is “courtroom revolution”. Apparently, they felt that there wasn’t anyone left in Japan who could match up to Phoenix Wright, which is why the game is taking place in a foreign country instead of Japan. They also hope that the lack of “usual” courtroom rules will provide players with a sense of urgency that they could not get within the usual Ace Attorney setting.

As for the difficulty, the developers explain that players will be able to turn off the hints if they want, and that they would avoid direct hints this time around. This is in response to fan feedback, with many players finding Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies (Ace Attorney 5) a tad too easy.

Finally, we learn that development of Ace Attorney 6 is still at an early stage (development is only 30% complete), and that the developers want to make a game even better than the other entries in the series. They aim to “betray the player’s expectations” with this 6th mainline entry.

Finally, here’s the scans from Famitsu magazine:

Ace Attorney 6 (3DS) will come out in Japan, Europe and North America.

Source: Famitsu
Via: Court-Records



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