Truck Driver: Heading North DLC further delayed to unspecified date

Bad news for Truck Driver fans looking forward to the Heading North DLC: it has been further delayed, this time to an unspecified date. The reason? The latest Software update (Ver. 1.33) introduced some technical issues to the game, and the developers to delay the DLC in order to fix said issues.

Here’s the message from the developers:

“Dear Truckers,

Originally, the DLC ‘Heading North’ was supposed to launch on September 14th. Due to the DLC itself not being fully polished, we postponed its launch to September 30th.

While this date is nearing, another unexpected technical issues due to update v.133 is causing us to postpone it. As soon as these merging issues are resolved, we can set a new date, but since we don’t want to postpone it yet again, we do not have a firm date at the moment.

Once again, we are truly sorry for the inconvenience. We have come to the decision to release the DLC to a later date so we can deliver the best gaming experience to everyone. This was, and always will be, our mission – and we are committed to keeping our word.

We want to truly thank all of you for your patience and constant support. Rest assured, our team will continue to work hard and focus on fixing these issues.

Until then, there will be more Heading North content coming your way, so stay tuned!

Source: Soedesco PR


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