Truck Driver: Heading North expansion to be released on September 30th

Update: Soedesco have announced that the Heading North expansion has been delayed to September 30th so as to allow the developers more time to further improve and polish it.


Last month, Soedesco announced that Truck Driver is to get some additional content with the Heading North expansion. It was initially announced for a September release, which is why it’s hardly a surprise that the actual release date has been set to September 14th (unless a last-minute comes ruins the party!).

Here’s a trailer for the expansion, showcasing its gameplay:

The new gameplay trailer that was dropped today shows several things that are new to the trucking experience. Next to the already teased scenery in the previous map teaser that has been shown, this trailer shows new types of cargo, like a giant fish bone statue, generators and new types of construction materials. The trailer also shows that players can now go off-road anywhere they like, which isn’t possible in most trucking games currently out there. Finally, the trailer also shows a shot of an AI truck passing by, which means that at least in this new map, AI trucks will be present next to the existing AI vehicle models.

And here’s some details and the list of key features for the expansion:

Expand your Truck Driver experience with the ‘Heading North’ DLC! When your uncle challenges you to continue your trucking career overseas in the cold, but captivating green country Mangefjell, you decide to take on the adventure. Drive around beautiful Nordic inspired landscapes as you continue your trucking career and complete numerous jobs for new characters.

  • Discover a whole new map depicting the Nordic inspired country Mangefjell
  • Get to know Ólaff, Lars and Katerina as you complete over 30 new jobs
  • Drive through beautiful verdant landscapes and interesting new places
  • Search for a new hidden place that is not shown on the map
  • Unlock eight new trophies and achievements

Truck Driver: Heading North (Switch – DLC) comes out on September 14th in Europe and North America.

Source: Soedesco PR


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