The Legend of Legacy: Atlus to localise the game for North America?

Atlus USA has been quite busy on the Nintendo 3DS front lately, with Etrian Mystery Dungeon (already out in North America, this autumn in Europe), Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker (out tomorrow in North America, this Autumn in Europe) and Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight (out this Summer in North America and in Early 2016 in Europe). What’s more, they also announced that they were localising Stella Glow (coming out later this year).

But it looks like Atlus USA is far from being done with localisations on the Nintendo 3DS: it seems the publisher is also working on The Legend of Legacy (a JRPG made by several ex-Square-Enix staff members, and published by FuRyu). This “news” comes from a podcast recorded on April 30th, during which John L. Hardin (PR Manager) may have said something he shouldn’t have.

At 47′, he clearly says that Atlus USA has already announced The Legend of Legacy… but this isn’t the case. What’s more, he also talked about a Nintendo 3DS game that hasn’t be announced, and isn’t out in Japan just yet. It seems that John L. Hardin mixed things up a bit, and the game that was already supposed to be announced is Stella Glow:

– The Legend of Legacy: not yet announced for North America, but already out in Japan;
– Stella Glow: already announced for North America, but not yet out in Japan.

No doubt we will get more information about this in the upcoming weeks!


Source: Shin Megami Tensei Network
Via: NeoGAF


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