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Next Level Games: some findings on two LinkedIn profiles

A few weeks ago, thanks to the personal website of a “presentation animator”, we found out that Next Level Games (Luigi’s Mansion 2, Punch-Out!! ) may very well be working on a Wii U game. And this week-end, thanks to Emily Roger’s little bout of investigation, we now have some small tidbits about this mysterious project.

Emily Rogers found the following info:

– Gary Shaw (Programmer): working on “online” and “rendering” for “Secret Projects”;
– Diego R. Pons (Presentation/Level Designer): working on “Core Design”, “”Presentation Design”, “Story” and “FE” for an/some unannounced project(s?).

Here’s two screencaps from the LinkedIn profiles:

Of course, it’s hard to find out precisely what Next Level Games is working simply based on those LinkedIn profiles. After all, games with online components aren’t exactly rare, even for Nintendo. But based on those profiles, it seems safe to assume that the Vancouver-based studio is working on more than one project right now (which isn’t all that unusual for any studio).

Next Level Games started working on a mysterious project back in october 2012, so it seems quite likely that their next project will be revealed in June, during E3. Therefore, we shouldn’t have to wait too long before we find out about their next game: Luigi’s Mansion 3? Punch-Out U? Something else?

Source: Emily Rogers


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