Super Mario Run: new trailer, commercial, Miyamoto @ Tonight Show, screenshots

Today, Nintendo shared a brand new trailer for Super Mario Run, revealing even more details about the game. As mentioned previously, Mario constantly runs, and you have to tap the screen to make him jump. You can also walljump to reach high places, just like you would in a regular Mario game.

In levels, Mario automatically jumps over small obstacles and enemies, but if you tap the screen while jumping over the latter, you can pull off a vaulting jump. There’s also some pretty stylish moves toi pull off, and those are pretty crucial in one of the game modes (Toad Rally).

The trailer introduces some of the course elements you will find:

  • Stop blocks: stop Mario, so you can assess the situation and plan your next move;
  • Launch blocks: they launch Mario in a specific direction (indicated with an arrow);
  • Canons: those fire you away (and you can sometime chose the direction);
  • and more…

In levels, there’s special purple Challenge Coins to collect: if you collect them all, you unlock a different set of purple Challenge Coins to collect. To get them all, you will need to master all of Mario’s stylish moves.

Next, we have Toad Rally: a mode where you compete against your friends and other players from all around the world. Your goal is to collect as many coins as possible within the time limit, while attracting as large crowd of Toads. To get more coins, fill up the gauge and unleash the Coin Rush!

Finally, we have Kingdom Builder, where you build your own Kingdom using coins earned in other modes. Most of the buildings and furniture can be bought from the in-game store, including special building to attract new characters. Yes, Mario isn’t the only playable character in the game, as the following are also present:

  • Luigi: can jump really high
  • Yishi: can flutter in the air
  • Toad: can run faster [this is a My Nintendo reward]

Here’s the latest trailer for Super Mario Run, along with some screenshots:

Next, here’s a live-action commercial for Super Marion Run, which is quite similar to the one used for Pokémon at the Super Bowl:

And finally, here’s a video of Shigeru Miyamoto at the Tonight Show tarring Jimmy Fallon, performing the Super Mario Bros. Theme with The Roots:

Super Mario Run (iOS) comes out on December 15th worldwide. The Android version will follow at a later date. Want to try the game? Head to an Apple Store near you for an exclusive demo!

Source: 4Gamer / Famitsu


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