Stella Glow: new trailer, Launch Edition detailed, release date (North America)

Stella GlowStella Glow is the latest and last Strategy-RPG from Image Epoch, and it’s coming out on November 17th in North America. Atlus USA announced this release date a few minutes ago via a press release, and also revealed the contents of the Launch Edition at the same time.

The game itself costs $49.99/CA$59.99, but if you buy it at launch you will also get:

  • Hilda’s Crystal Garden Cloth Poster — A large poster made of cloth, featuring Hilda (the Witch of Destruction), posing with her scythe atop a seat of crystals.
  • Bubu Flexi-Charm — A charm made soft vinyl (3″ x 3″). For those who don’t know, Bubu is the pet pig of the Witch Popo.
  • “Song Magic” CD — A soundtrack CD with 5 tracks, featuring the vocal themes of the 5 Witches. This is a 5-song disc featuring the vocal themes of the five Witches. It will come with a separate sleeve featuring artwork from the Witch Tuning sequences.
  • Collectible Outer Box — A special box with a different artwork featuring the protagonist and the 5 Witches, and Lisette on the side of the box.

As usual, all pre-orders copies will includes those goodies, along with the game itself. You may be able to get one on launch day, but quantities are bound to be limited.

Here’s a picture of the goodies from the Stella Glow Launch Edition:

Atlus USA also uploaded a brand new trailer for Stella Glow, focusing on the battle system. It starts by showing some of the locations for battles:

  • Solitary Windmill
  • Port Noir, Harbor Town
  • Kandar Hills

When the battle starts, you have to position your characters strategically (and equip them with the right weapons), in order to get the upper hand. The direction you attack from is pretty important, just like the element of your attacks: using magic to take advantage of enemies weaknesses is strongly recommended… just like any RPG! During battle, you might have to cast spells in order to get rid of obstacles blocking your way.

Here’s the battle trailer for Stella Glow:

Stella Glow (3DS) comes out on November 17th in Japan, and in Spring 2016 in Europe.

Source: Atlus


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