Splatoon 2: official notice about glitch impacting League Battle

Earlier today, Nintendo posted a notice about a glitch currently impacting Splatoon 2, and more precisely the League Battle mode. To be more precise, when the glitch occurs, the game quits automatically/crashes. This sometimes happens when you try to look at your previous play records in that mode.

Nintendo confirms that the developers are already working on a fix for the glitch, which occurs if you try to check your past records when the following conditions are met:

  • you have play records in both Team (4 players) and Pair (2 players) divisions
  • you have more than 9 play records

If you’re currently impacted by this glitch, there’s nothing to worry about. For starters, the issue will be fixed with the next Software update, though it’s not clear when it will be released yet. Secondly, this glitch doesn’t have any impact on your save data or anything. You can keep playing normally, and all your rankings will be recorded/updated as intended.

The thing is, the source of the glitch lies in the display of the play records, not their recording. And in fact, you can use SplatNet 2 within the Nintendo Switch Online app to check out your past play records without any issue: it’s only if you try to do so within Splatoon 2 itself than the glitch occurs. In other words: just keep playing normally, but avoid checking your play records in-game, and you will be fine.

More details about the update will be added to the Splatoon 2 update page as soon as it’s available!

Source: Nintendo


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